• A Girl in the Boys Locker Room? Will Parents Say ‘No’ or Play Along?

    Surge Summary: An absurd ruling in Illinois is forcing a school to allow a young woman to use the boys’ locker room. The negative reaction from parents was strong — but will it last?

    From OneNewsNow, Bob Kellogg writes:

    By granting “unrestricted access” to a Chicago-area transgender student, a state agency has succumbed to what a family advocate calls a “trans-cultic assumption” that biological sex has no relevance when it comes to the issue of privacy.

    Illinois’ Human Rights Commission has ruled without fanfare that students who identify as the opposite sex must be granted “unrestricted access” not only to bathrooms but also to locker rooms of the opposite biological sex. Surprised you hadn’t caught wind of this societal development? There’s a reason for that: Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute had to file a Freedom of Information Act request to find out the details.

    Why the surreptitiousness? I thought this kind of “cutting-edge” stuff was one of the wonders of Western Civilization’s evolved future?

    Higgins reports this bewildering decision was prompted from a Lake High School female student’s and her parents’ single complaint, claiming she is a boy.

    “She was simply asked, or rather, required to change behind a privacy curtain [in the boys’ locker room],” Higgins describes. “And since other [biological] boys don’t have to do that – she identifies as a boy – she felt like she was being discriminated against based on her gender identity.”

    Hearteningly, Higgins relays a record number of parents immediately responded, outraged, after the news broke this weekend – that is after she dug it up, bringing it out of the shadows and posting her story online

    But she’s pessimistic conservatives and Christians will do much about it.

    “We get enraged, we spew stuff to the choir, we commiserate together – and then we adapt to that new level of outrage and then we move on,” she tells OneNewsNow.

    As Kellog’s headline puts it: “We complain, we console — then we cave”.

    Which ought to prompt sensible people to ask: So, what are we going to do about that? “Adapt and move on?” Not on our watch.

    Those who believe “male” and “female” are actual, inviolable biological categories, that “gender” categories are determined, not by teenage-addled feelings or moods, but by body parts and chromosomes have to speak up and keep speaking up until sanity is restored

    Those convinced – along with the rest of humanity for, oh, millennia — a human being with female bits is a female – and shouldn’t be able to decree otherwise with just a few words — need to be as committed to reality as the other side is to its trans-fantasy. And we must resolutely refuse to play along with their sad and cancerous delusion.

    This young woman needs her community’s a) prayers; b) compassion; c) persistent exposure to truth. Going along with her self-deception, and forcing her town’s school system to do the same, isn’t helping her or anyone.

    The family advocate [Higgins] is concerned that “unrestricted access” must mean transgender students will not only be able to undress in front of members of the opposite biological sex, but shower with them as well.

    And, of course, that step awaits us. That’s how these things unroll, always to their fullest extrapolation. Unless, that is, the reasonable folks of the planet stand up and say – and persist saying — “Enough is enough!”.

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