• America Needs More Common-Sense Guys Like This Straight Shooter

    Surge Summary: A Republican candidate for Governor of Kentucky unveils a shockingly outspoken campaign advertisement.

    Pinch me … Is Ralph Abraham for real? If he really is as he appears, he’s exactly the kind of leader America needs scattered from sea to shining sea.

    Calvin Freiburger/LifeSiteNews reports on this Republican lawmaker running for Louisiana’s next governorship – who has a new campaign ad bluntly avowing his conservative stances. Did I mention it’s a rather shocking spot, especially considering the 2019 status quo?  This candidate’s decidedly impolitic political declarations include: “life begins at conception” and “there are only two genders.”

    As mentioned, his name is Ralph Abraham. He’s a physician, veterinarian, and National Guard veteran – and a bracingly, refreshingly gutsy guy — who currently represents Louisiana’s fifth district in the U.S. House of Representatives. He’s aiming for the corner office against the state’s Democrat incumbent John Bel Edwards and Republican businessman Eddie Rispone.

    Abraham released his new 30-second ad on Thursday, writes Freiburger. Although, with respect, “unleashed” the ad might be a better way of putting it:

    I’m Ralph Abraham. I’m running for governor, and here’s the truth: life begins at conception. Government is too big. Our taxes are too high. And our car insurance is too expensive. President Trump is doing a great job. Facts matter more than feelings. The Second Amendment is self-explanatory. And as a doctor, I can assure you there are only two genders. I’m Republican conservative Ralph Abraham. I’m running for governor, and that’s the truth!

    How dismal is it we need a physician nowadays to affirm that thing developing in a woman’s womb is a human being who is born with a biologically pre-determined sex/”gender”?

    Freiburger further observes,

    Long-settled biological criteria and numerous mainstream scientific and medical textbooks have established that a living human being is created upon fertilization and is present throughout the entirety of pregnancy, while biology also establishes that sex is rooted in an individual’s chromosomes and reflected by hundreds of genetic characteristics.

    Head slap! Who knew?

    Current Louisiana guv Edwards is a nearly unknown species: a pro-life Democrat. To his credit, in May he actually signed the state’s heartbeat law. That said, kudos for Edwards wither on other scores: LGBT issues, for instance. He rescinded religious liberty protections and tried to mandate that state discrimination laws recognize sexual orientation and “gender identity”.

    For the record, men and women of good will and functioning brainwaves need to junk any association they may have with the Donkey Party. Things have gotten to a place with Democrats where that is simply the way it has to be.

    Republican Abraham, by contrast? A consistent foe of the LGBT agenda, criticizing the pernicious and deceptively named “Equality Act”. The shocking revelations keep piling up: Metro Weekly reports the sixty-four-year-old physician/legislator cosponsored legislation to guarantee the federal government only interpret “sex” and “gender” by their biological meanings.

    Abraham is currently leading Rispone. If none of the three clears 50 percent of the vote in October 12’s open primary, the top two candidates will go on to face each other in a runoff election on November 9.

    Most pro-life advocates oppose cloning technology but if such advances might enable the generation of one-hundred-or-so pols like the plain-spoken Dr. Abraham, maybe we want to make a place for this one exception?

    Image: Screen Shot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YkAm6NY8oU&feature=youtu.be

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