• Apocalypse! Outrage! Former Trump Staffer to Appear on ‘Dancing with the Stars’

    Surge Summary: A controversy has erupted over former Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s guesting on television’s Dancing with the Stars. Seriously. Some people need to get a grip.

    ABC made an announcement last week: former White House press secretary Sean Spicer will appear as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars.

    Of course, because it’s 2019, this news elicited an incensed Lefty snit, most obviously – as all these kinds of things are – on Twitter.


    “More like #DancingToFascism. Screw you for helping to normalize Sean Spicer,” roared Scot Cooper.

    “You will face a boycott. A big one. Of the show and of your entire network.
    And it will be well deserved,” rumbled tweeter Scott Dworkin.

    “Great job normalizing a white supremacist administration, guys,” seethed Gabe Ortiz.

    Face-palm time, folks?

    Katherine Timpf tells us:

    A piece on NBC’s website called it “an embarrassment to ABC and a slap in the face to journalists.” A piece in The Independent stated that Spicer “should be on a permanent public blacklist, not in a televised waltz.” A piece in Variety declared that “Spicer’s previous life as a professional liar should really disqualify him from public life, period.”

    I suppose we should be relieved nobody threatened to burn down ABC employees’ homes …

    I won’t quote Timpf’s frank and coarse rejoinder to these hysterics, but how about this response?

    Please, grow up.

    Back to Katherine Timpf:

    I mean, seriously. Who, and how? Don’t these people have absolutely anything else to worry about in their lives? Don’t they have jobs, or friends, or people who aren’t texting them back to worry about? All of these things are more consequential than who does and does not appear on a dance-competition show. This is not some monumental decision that is going to affect the course of history, it is a blip on the screen of entertainment and culture that will be forgotten faster than the food particles that you floss from your teeth.

    [I]f you were from another planet and saw people’s reaction to his casting, you’d probably think that DWTS had cast a literal ax murderer on the show, and I think any reasonable person would have to call that sort of reaction just a bit too extreme.

    [All] of the people who have written these scathing, the-sky-is-falling tweets and think-pieces about this non-issue issue are really only ensuring that more people watch. DWTS had been something that most people had forgotten about, and yet they’ve somehow managed to give it more gravitas than the Super Bowl. They may think there will be a boycott, but I bet there will be more people tuning in — whether to cheer on Spicer or to make fun of him — and what more could ABC (and Spicer himself) really ask for from all of this?

    You see, foolishness has its repercussions. One doesn’t have to be a supporter of the Trump administration or an “Americans for Sean Spicer” charter member to identify the overheated pathetic-ness of these reactions.

    Contrast the frenzy of some over the Spicer/Dancing with the Stars revelation to the former Trump staffer’s own perspective:

    “It’s time to have some fun. Excited to join a great cast and show @DancingABC”

    It’s a light-weight TV show. That’s it. Anti-Trump obsessives, please … take a breath. And, yes, grow up.

    Image: The logo may be obtained from BBC Entertainment., Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=29062585

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