• Brett Kavanaugh Classmate Taking HuffPost to Court for Malicious Article

    Surge Summary: A person caught up in last year’s Brett Kavanaugh/Supreme Court nomination wrangle is suing Huffpost for maligning his reputation.

    Brett Kavanaugh – remember him? The Supreme Court nominee – now High Court Justice — who was center stage last fall in a scabby, real life soap-opera? The one in which Democrats went after him, hammer-and-tongs, with accusations of all kinds of teenage atrocities; which ended up proving almost certainly false?

    National Review’s Jack Crowe updates us: A former Brett Kavanaugh classmate has filed suit against the HuffPost over a “fabricated” report detailing a supposed culture of debauchery at Georgetown Preparatory School, the high school where Kavanaugh attended.

    HuffPost reporter Ashley Feinberg, now at Slate, published a report at the height of the Kavanaugh confirmation controversy entitled “Former Student: Brett Kavanaugh’s Prep School Party Scene Was a ‘Free-For-All’,” which purported to expose the degenerate culture that predominated at Georgetown Prep when Kavanaugh was a student. That hard-partying ethos supposedly culminated in the 1984 overdose death of David Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy’s son, in a Palm Beach hotel.

    Feinberg, citing one anonymous Georgetown Prep alumnus, wrote that “two students  David’s brother Doug, and his friend Derrick Evans  had helped score the coke” that ultimately killed David. Evans, an African American professor and community activist, filed suit on Wednesday alleging that Feinberg failed to contact him and fabricated his role in David’s death in her “zeal to create a sensational article about Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s years at [Georgetown Prep] and thereby drive traffic to [HuffPost’s] website.”

    “Indeed, if Ms. Feinberg or her HuffPost editors had done even the most basic research of publicly available sources, she and they would have known, if they did not already know, that Mr. Evans actively assisted law enforcement in identifying and prosecuting the individuals who actually sold the illegal narcotics,” the lawsuit reads.

    Fox News, Doug Kennedy’s employer, sent a letter to HuffPo rebutting its allegations and the website/blog’s initial response was to correct the story:

    “This article previously stated incorrectly that Doug Kennedy was involved in helping his brother to purchase drugs in 1984. Kennedy was only sharing a room with Derrick Evans, who helped David purchase the drugs, according to an affidavit obtained by the New York Times. We regret the error,” reads a correction appended to the article just one day after it was published.

    That hardly settled the matter, it so happens. Here’s the rub:

    The correction exonerated Doug Kennedy but, to Evans’ obvious exasperation, further defamed him, according to the lawsuit.

    “The September 21 correction was another complete fabrication published by HuffPost with actual knowledge that both it and the original publication were false or in reckless disregard of the truth, again without ever attempting to contact Mr. Evans for comment,” the lawsuit reads. “As HuffPost knew, there was NO affidavit reflecting that Mr. Evans ever helped anyone purchase illegal drugs. Defendants had no such affidavit in their possession, and they could not have had such an affidavit in their possession.”

    Interestingly, the original article has been significantly altered since its publication. As of the writing of Jack Crowe’s account, it no longer contained any reference to David Kennedy’s death.

    Meanwhile, the case, Evans v. Huffington Post.com Inc., awaits adjudication in the Southern District of Mississippi’s U.S. District Court.

    The Kavanaugh travesty blew up in the faces of its Democratic architects. Voters turned on many of that party’s candidates in the elections that quickly followed the spectacle, aghast at what was their transparently sharkish, ruthless slander of an innocent jurist. Moreover, it appears, the consequences of this outrage continue to dog not only unscrupulous pols, but the complicit media as well.

    All of it, well-deserved.

    Image: Adapted from: By U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit – https://www.cadc.uscourts.gov/internet/home.nsf/Content/VL+-+Judges+-+BMK, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=70508113

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