• Contemporary Christian Music a Hotbed of Hatred? Well, One Singer Says So — but Wait a Minute …

    Surge Summary: A former Christian Contemporary Music figure charges that industry with fomenting all manner of vicious sentiments. A CCM veteran says: Not True.

    From over at OneNewsNow.com, Steve Jordahl brings this bit of unpleasantness:

    A former Christian singer who came out as lesbian almost ten years ago has issued highly critical comments about the Contemporary Christian Music industry – comments that a veteran of Christian radio says are unfounded.

    Here’s the scoop: Last week, the City of Nashville, cradle of contemporary Christian music (or CCM), erected a historic marker in front of Koinonia Coffeehouse. Early CCM luminaries Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith showed up to share memories, while over two-hundred people witnessed the unveiling.

    One singer, however, who didn’t participate in the celebration was Jennifer Knapp, the “smoky-voiced singer/songwriter” who debuted in the CCM world in 1998, eventually collecting four Dove awards, and selling more than a million albums. Knapp later “came out” as lesbian, revealing in 2010 her eight-year relationship with a woman.

    On the occasion of last week’s Koinonia honor, Knapp – in an opinion piece in the Tennessean – argued that the CCM industry helped to fuel an “ugly heritage of religious harm in the form of racism, homophobia, colonialization, patriarchy, and more” in evangelical Christian culture. Knapp co-wrote the op-ed with Nashville Metro council member Nancy VanReece, a founding member of the Nashville LGBT Chamber of Commerce and the Tennessee Equality Project.

    True to Secular Leftist form, Knapp was unable to abide the festive Christian bash without, well, “bashing” it. Let the “religious” types have their fun, unmolested? Can’t have that, can we?

    You’ll note, Knapp managed to corral a passel of Progressivism’s shopworn devil-terms into her anti-Christian diatribe. Odd, though, that she failed to mention “climate change denial”, “pay inequality” and “anti-choice” in the process. (The singer must be losing her edge.)

    Christian radio veteran Rick McConnell, whose daily radio program airs on KCFY in Yuma, Arizona and who knows the CCM industry well, having been involved with it since the 1970s, observed,

    “I have never seen that in CCM, I’ve never seen it in Christian radio. I used to work at Focus on the Family – I just don’t see it.”

    Of Jennifer Knapp, whom McConnell admits he doesn’t know, he says he’s heard this kind of stuff before.

    “She’s chosen a lifestyle – that is her choice. But like a lot of people who choose that lifestyle, a gay lifestyle, sadly what they think is Well, everybody now has to just adjust and follow me. And the Word of God doesn’t allow for that.”

    He points out a number of Christian singers have opted for the homosexual lifestyle over the years but, thankfully, CCM hasn’t yielded to the burgeoning trend’s pressure to celebrate that unbiblical behavior. Still, warns the old Christian radio-hand, it could be coming.

    “There is an ongoing battle in the Church [over the issue of sexuality], so it would not surprise me if it leaked over into Christian music,” he laments.

    Let the Christian reader consider McConnel’s somber reflection a reminder that “having done all, [we must] stand” in the face of the contemporary “gay” crusade – and be prepared to resist every other anti-biblical trend presently at work against or hurtling toward the church; and the nation.

    Image: adapted from: Nolefan32 at en.wikipedia, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=15172899

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