• Courageous Women Stare Down California LGBTQ Education Establishment

    Surge Summary: A brave pair of women challenge California public school LGBTQ brain-washing; and are predictably ridiculed for it.

    So often it’s the “little people” – regular folks, under the radar – who take necessary stands against the “barbarians at the gates”.

    Raechel Olson for instance …

    Bob Kellogg and Billy Davis at OneNewsNow.com write about a public school teacher confronting California politicians over a far-left training program – and then called a bully for defending what for millennia have been the utterly conventional views about human sexuality and science.

    Yep, things are definitely turned on their heads.

    Raechel Olson, a 20-year elementary school teacher, testified in July before the Senate Education Committee to publicly oppose AB 493, a teacher training bill that instructs them to affirm homosexual, lesbian, and transgender students in the classroom.

    The legislation, no surprise, passed out of the Democratic-led committee in a unanimous vote, but not before Olson got in her licks, blasting the “gender training” she sat through and reminding senators they are disregarding people’s religious beliefs.

    I suppose the question is: Did they care at all about that?

    Olson’s brief but no-holds-barred testimony, in light of the far-left committee she was facing, was noticed by California Family Council, which was present at the meeting and published Olson’s testimony (see video belowon YouTube.

    Olson first began her testimony by describing the training she sat through that was conducted by a school contractor named Queerly Elementary.

    (That should have been a clue as to what she could expect.)

     “I was told to use preferred pronouns to address students,” Olson recalled, “to stop referring to students by their biological genders as boys and girls, and to teach sexual orientation and various gender identities.”

    What next for the tykes? A primer on alternative sex positions?

    Olson let it be known to the state committee she objected to the training’s attempt to “coerce” teachers and students to accept and express notions about gender and gender identity. These are an affront to people’s consciences — especially those who believe in quaint ideas about objective biology over subjective feelings.

    I guess you could call it a fact vs. emotions stand-off.

    “Biology is not bigotry,” she succinctly reaffirmed to the Democrat-led group, obliterating with four words the daffiness of the currently fashionable LGBTQ reality-denial scheme.

    And the first-grade teacher wasn’t done: the U.S. Constitution requires the State of California to maintain a neutral view of religion, she said, but the training materials “cast aspersions” on people’s religious beliefs.

    The “State” – in the form of the public school system – is taking an official side on this prickly moral/spiritual issue. That is constitutionally forbidden.

    Citing the possible legal problems with the training, the elementary-school teacher referenced NIFLA v. Becerra, a 2018 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that struck down California’s pro-abortion law requiring pro-life pregnancy centers to advertise abortions.

    Quoting from the decision, Olson pointed out the ruling states the government “may not compel individuals to express ideas or thoughts with which they disagree.”

    The pro-LGBT training, of course, is doing precisely that, she said. And she was having none of it.

    Another pithy zinger: “Tolerance,” Olson told the education committee, “is a two-way street.”

    Licensed psychologist Dr. Laura Haynes allied herself with Olson in opposition to the bill, warning the education committee the pro-LGBT teachings could actually increase bullying, not lessen it; people will not placidly go along with being compelled to toss aside their beliefs.

    Memo to modern Progressives: the government cannot intimidate folks into changing their heartfelt convictions nor can boys change into girls and vice versa. What is it about human nature the Left can’t grasp?

    As evidence to support her case, Haynes cited a recent Harris poll showing a sharp decline in support for LGBT people, especially among young adults who’ve likely been browbeaten with LGBT indoctrination for years.

     “They’re had it with attacks on the rights of parents, women and girls, and religious freedom,” Haynes says of the public. “So doing the same thing, only more of it in AB 493, will not end well.”

    They psychologist also warned the pro-LGBT education committee about encouraging children to question gender, citing a suicide rate of transgender people that is 19 times higher than the general public.

    “Do you want to be responsible for this?” Haynes asked rhetorically.

    Appallingly, according to the recorded video of the exchange, neither Olson nor Haynes were asked any questions. Instead, they were promptly dismissed by Senate Education Committee chair Sen. Connie Leyva.

    As if that weren’t insulting enough, after their departure Levya chided the two witnesses for being “quite offensive” and disclosed she has a lesbian daughter whom she would put up against “anyone’s straight daughter” in comparison.

    So … students in California have to be subjected to corrosive falsehoods because of Ms. Levya’s daughter?

    “I think that if we as a society do not learn about other people,” she commented to two empty chairs, “that is when we have bullying and when we have problems.”

    Lecturing two people no longer in a position to answer back? How courageous of this Golden State bureaucrat. And handily emblematic of Lefties’ common modus operandi: they make their deleterious arguments against those who’ve been silenced and so can’t respond.

    (H/T Bob Kellogg/Billy Davis/OneNewsNow.com)

    Image: Screen Shot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=641&v=L2RT4orcfqE

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