• Crazy Campus Speech Codes Assault Well-Known University

    Surge Summary: American University seems to be buying into and actively pushing the “gender-neutral” pronoun nuttiness.

    It’s always troubling when kookiness becomes an institution’s official policy …

    Bob Kellogg (OneNewsNow.com) provides an example, reporting on a prominent university planning to make its guidelines on the use of preferred “gender-neutral” pronouns mandatory for faculty members.

    Washington D.C.’s American University has claimed gender guidelines for a few years, but the Illinois Family Institute’s Laurie Higgins says Center for Diversity and Inclusion is ratcheting up attempts to eliminate gender: they’re making preferred pronouns mandatory for faculty.

    “So now they’re not just adding new, invented words,” she says, “like ‘ze’ [and] ‘zer.’ They’re actually trying to empty out the existing words that are ‘gendered’ as they say of all meaning relative to maleness or femaleness.”

    Building up foolishness, tearing down reasonableness; eradicating sense, expanding nonsense – it validates the observation that goofiness, unchecked, only proliferates.

    American is a private college in D.C. It educates 13,000 undergraduate and graduate students.

    Higgins raises the alarms that Leftist zealots at the school — and at other campuses across the country — are doggedly essaying to “erase public recognition of sexual differentiation.”

    “It’s classic Orwellian newspeak,” she tells OneNewsNow, “which is to either eliminate words a certain politically powerful group doesn’t like or to change the definitions of existing words.”

    So, 1000 points to the gender-obliterating radicals, at least, for perseverance and commitment to their cause. Meanwhile, the rest of us have to live with the fall-out of their daffiness …

    Higgins predicts the chronology will be: first, the language-twisting silliness becomes required for faculty; next, they are compulsory for those sitting in the lecture hall desks.

    We must certainly hope and pray she’s mistaken in her prognostications. Or should that be “hope ze’s mistaken in zir prognostications”?

    Nah, I’ll stick with that first choice.

    H/T Bob Kellogg/OneNewsNow

    Image: adapted from Nebraska Department of Education from Pixabay 

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