• Following Recent Mass-Shooting Incidents: Time for Law-Abiding Citizens to Get Some Guns

    Surge Summary: If even conservatives in Texas are now calling for more gun-control, it appears now is the time for law-abiding people to go out and buy more guns. 

    This may not seem like a very appropriate time for an article like this, but I’ve never been one afraid to mention the proverbial Elephant-in-the-room, especially since there is so much nightly news nauseous coverage of the Walmart shooting event.

    So, while most of West Texas is lighting holy santos and singing Ave Maria, I, myself, am scratching my head and wondering, What? This is TEXAS, the “Come and Take it ” state, where guns and freedom reign supreme!  This is just one of the reasons we moved here from two, yes two different spineless blue states.  We never owned a gun till we moved here and now you couldn’t pry one out of my cold dead hand.

    So again, why, why, why didn’t not just one, but why didn’t many people have weapons in that mall when the gun fire erupted and tragedy ended a family day of shopping? Yes, maybe a civilian fired stray-bullet could have killed a few, but this madman murdered 20+ people.  That other choice is surely more appealing.

    The demonization of guns is once again being touted from the Left, and some from the Right too.  I remember when candidate Trump, and as president, too, he said on several occasions that we Americans should be carrying guns to aid in protecting society and I agree.

    Get some guns.

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    Burbsmom is a housewife and mother, a proud "deplorable" and Zionist. After living in two blue states, she and her family are living the dream in a fly-over red-state. She has three grown children who know God, love America and love her great state. She has written for clashdaily.com and dailysurge.com. Life is good. 

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