• Ghoulish: North Korean Women Flee One Horror to End Up Facing Another

    Surge Summary: Women attempting to escape North Korea face potential hardships and consequences that can barely be imagined – including forced abortion.

    You know a nation has to be really depraved when it makes China look tolerable by comparison.

    Charlie Butts over at OneNewsNow reports, some North Korean women who thought they had eluded the dystopia which is their home country by fleeing to its Chinese neighbor often are returned to North Korea only to face prison camps, torture … and worse.

    The Heritage Foundation’s Olivia Enos reports if they’re found to be pregnant upon re-arrival, they can be forcibly aborted.

    (No word on whether Planned Parenthood is formulating an open expression of condemnation toward this NK policy.)

    North Koreans often escape to China but are sent back by Chinese authorities working in cooperation with their North Korean counterparts. According to Enos, a baby that is half-Chinese and half-North Korean is not viewed as legitimate.

    “They see it essentially like the aftermath of what was a traitor’s decision by an individual to go and flee the regime,” she says. “And so they kill the babies.”

    This oughtn’t surprise anyone considering what is known of “The Hermit Kingdom” and the bizarre tyrant Kim Jon-un who leads it. It would, actually, be par for the course for this nightmarish country ruled by a murderous maniac – both of which hold human life cheaply.

    Enos, an Asian countries analyst for Heritage, says she knows of one case of a North Korean woman who fled her homeland on three occasions — sent back after each escape – and who, after one flight, was forced to undergo an abortion without anesthesia when her unborn child was very far along.

    Enos passes along, happily, that same woman was finally able to escape to South Korea where she is now a mother.

    We can pray the birth of that woman’s child carried with it a measure of healing for what has to be her traumatized, broken heart.

    As for the rest of North Korea’s female population? Those for whom life is so unbearable they risk imprisonment and perhaps more dire repercussions in order to find some refuge in, of all places, Communist China? Prayers are much needed there, as well.

    Image: Adapted by: Roman Harak – North Korea, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=31638983

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