• Government vs. Government: City Threatens Rapid Response Against ICE Agents

    Surge Summary: Sanctuary City Cincinnati, Ohio Officials form Rapid Response Teams to resist Customs Enforcement Agents’ attempts to apprehend illegal immigrants.

    In the aftermath of the start of a nationwide dragnet by federal law enforcement to capture criminal aliens, some of whom have committed murders, rapes, armed robberies, child sex abuse and other felonies, mayors and officials from some of the most populace cities have repeated their stated “sanctuary city” policies. One such city has even threatened Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents with a rapid-response team that will protect illegal immigrants from arrest or deportation.

    Democratic Mayor John Cranley of Cincinnati, Ohio has declared his jurisdiction to be a sanctuary city, and he will continue to protect illegal aliens from federal immigration officers.

    Mayor Cranley made his announcement as he stood alongside Muslim, Jewish and Christian religious leaders. He told them and those attending the event that he and “his city stand in solidarity with the immigrant community.”

    He had declared Cincinnati a sanctuary city despite President Donald Trump’s administration withholding federal funds. For example, the jailing of criminal aliens in Cincinnati makes the city eligible for reimbursement money from the federal government. However, since certain cities, counties and states refuse to notify ICE when releasing illegal aliens, those cities may lose millions of dollars in reimbursement money.

    A wounded Border Patrol agent was pummeled with rocks by illegal aliens, yet Democrats couldn’t care less.

    “This city stands with immigrants,” Cranley said during a live press conference. “This city stands with Muslims. This city stands with Syrian refugees yearning to break free.”

    “This city opposes executive orders to halt refugee resettlement and targeting cities that are trying to live up to the promise of the Statue of Liberty,” Cranley continued.

    Meanwhile, Cincinnati Councilman Alexander Paul George “P.G.” Sittenfeld announced Thursday morning he had introduced legislation to form a local rapid-response network protecting immigrants and refugees from being detained in potential federal immigration raids.

    “I found the mayor’s and Sittenfeld’s comments to be disrespectful of federal law enforcement, the president and a large number of American citizens. What is this rapid response team going to do? Are they going to get into a shooting battle on Cincinnati streets?” a former New York City Police detective, Samuel G. Pollard, said:

    “Cincinnati police should refuse to obey illegal orders if they come from a mayor who cares more for criminals than he does for citizens,” Pollard added.

    Cranley’s call to become a sanctuary city came just after the Trump Administration enacted an executive order to temporarily halt all refugee resettlement from select nations. What Trump’s opponents — including the news media — neglect to tell the people is that most of the so-called refugees come from those nations that are hotbeds for radical Islamic groups such as Somalia (Al-Shabaab), Nigeria (Boko Haram), Yemen (Al-Qaida), Syria (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), Yemen (Al-Qaida of the Arabian Peninsula), and other chaotic nations.

    Cranley said he supported resettling refugees all over the country and boasted that his wife’s family are immigrants from Jordan.

    New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has come under fire for his sanctuary city designation after the NYPD released a previously deported criminal illegal immigrant, forcing the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to launch an investigation to capture the suspect. Also, the Californian city of Oakland’s mayor and city officials were outraged when ICE and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agents rounded up scores of criminal aliens in that city.

    Image: Adapted from: By Patisserie – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=25849465

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