• Illinois Schools Are Going to Be Required to Teach What?

    Surge Summary: The governor of Illinois has signed into law a measure mandating the teaching of “homosexual history” in that state’s public schools. Will Christian teachers object? And what will the fall-out from that be?

    It appears another state is mandating the teaching of homosexual history.

    Chris Woodward/OneNewsNow.com reports:

    Illinois could set the stage for another religious freedom case in a public school classroom, especially if Christian educators speak out.

    Governor J.G. Pritzker has signed a bill into law, scheduled to go into effect July 1, 2020, which will require public schools to focus specifically on the contributions of homosexual and lesbian Americans.

    The world’s three biggest religious — Judaism, Christianity, and Islam — have traditionally considered homosexuality a sin. You’d think that historic fact would give some pause to LGBTQ activists, or at least government administration; but you’d be wrong. Those views have been largely ignored as archaic or demeaned as “homophobic”.

    “Tolerance” über alles!

    Speaking about the new law on American Family RadioAmerican Family Association legal counsel Abraham Hamilton III said it’s possible teachers with religious objections could challenge the mandate.

    “You can imagine them saying, Hey, the state law is compelling me to violate my religious beliefs,” he predicted.

    Yet, difficulties to that scenario abound. Academia, Congress, the courts, Hollywood, and the media lend highly-visible support to the modern-day LGBT movement. A single teacher or two or three who speaks up can expect to be ignored and vilified. That doesn’t mean their opposition will be fruitless; but it will be challenged.

    Hamilton said the Illinois law follows on the heels of other states mandating classroom lessons, and the premise of the lessons is to treat the subject matter as if the classroom is learning African-American history.

    LGBTQ advocates want to draw an equivalence between immutable traits like skin-color or ethnicity and lifestyle or behavior (“sexual orientation”) – demanding civil rights protections for the latter in the same way they are legally required for the former.

    OneNewsNow reported how liberal school leaders in California have introduced pro-LGBT curriculum that informs second-graders, for example, that famous NASA astronaut Sally Ride identifies as a lesbian.

    Oregon’s governor, who identifies as bi-sexual, signed legislation earlier this summer to mandate LGBT lessons in that state, OneNewsNow also reported.

    “If it’s state law,” Hamilton says of the Illinois’ Christian teachers, “they have to comply with the laws of the state.”

    So, will those school employees who take exception with this measure stand up and loudly express their objections? And will that lead to legal, including, ultimately, a High Court, face-off?

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