• Increased Efforts Working? Illegal Southern Border Crossings Down Dramatically

    Surge Summary: The DHS head reports that illegal southern border crossings are down measurably and decries as dangerous the political toxic attacks on immigration officials.

    Acting DHS secretary Kevin McAleenan reported last Wednesday that southern border crossings have declined 43 percent since May. That month, arrests between ports of entry increased for the fourth straight month. Apprehensions had numbered 99,304 in April and risen to 132,887 by the following month.

    Mairead MacArdle/National Review quotes McAleenan:

    “So those efforts are making progress, 43 percent reduction in crossings since May. … We’re hoping to continue the progress in August.”

    McAleenan testified DHS is working with Central American countries to protect migrant asylum-seekers as well as conduct an “aggressive effort against human smugglers.” It’s a project, he said, which “could really change the game.”

    “I’ll be going back to Central America next week to try to build on that with El Salvador and Panama and really address this problem as a regional effort.”

    Also down significantly? The number of immigrants being held at border stations. Its June high was 20,000.

    “This morning [August 14] we have less than 4,000, and they’re not staying with us very long. We’re able to repatriate the single adults quickly. The unaccompanied children are going to a better situation with Health and Human Services.”

    The acting DHS chief criticized what he deems a toxic political environment “where we’re demonizing law enforcement for doing their jobs.” He called it “concerning.”

    Several attacks have been undertaken on Immigration and Customs Enforcement facilities lately. Tuesday, August 13, for example, shots were fired into two San Antonio facilities. The FBI is investigating those incidents.

    McAleenan suggests the politically agitated hostility toward ICE agents and border enforcement officials could be a contributing factor to such acts of violence.

    “It can be dangerous, and it can result in people taking actions that are not supported by the facts, that are not in response to anything inappropriate that our men and women of ICE and enforcement removal operations are doing,” McAleenan said. “And I think we’ve got to tone that down, absolutely.”

    Doubtless, the Administration’s fattened border security measures are playing a sizable role in driving down the numbers of those successfully gaining unauthorized access to the U.S.

    That said, the message it is sending that it is serious about re-establishing border control can’t be discounted either. It has to be giving pause to would-be border jumpers. The signal is being put forth: Don’t bother trying to evade our border protections; you won’t make it through. We are serious about stopping you.

    The psychological effect alone on those risking life and limb to cross illegally into the nation must be potent.

    Common sense indicates as much. Maybe the statistics, as well.

    Image: By Office of Representative Phil Gingrey – Gingrey House page. High resolution file located at [1]. This is a high resolution version of Image:US-Mexico border fence.jpg, first uploaded by User:BenB4, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3590105

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