• No Government Agency Should Be Able to Do This to Any Parents … or Their Child

    Surge Summary: A Texas Child Protection agency takes away a family’s four-year-old-son, apparently without any provocation or justification.

    A four-year-old boy was seized from his family by state officials without apparent legal justification and the Texas Home School Coalition is distributing a video and a petition demanding his restoration.

    The Facebook video describes how Drake Pardo, the health-challenged son of Ashley and Daniel, was taken from his family by Child Protective Services.

    The agency admitted in court it scheduled a meeting for the family and the hospital without ever informing the family then took custody based on the fact the family wasn’t at the meeting.

    The doctor cited by CPS for removing the child “admitted under oath that she had never read all of Drake’s medical records… admitted under oath that she had never even met Drake … admitted under oath that she never thought there was an emergency … [and] admitted under oath that she had never asked for Drake to be removed.”

    The case began in June when state officials, backed up by armed law enforcement officers, took custody of the child from his parents. [Bob Unruh WND.com ]

    The family has filed two emergency motions with the Dallas Court of Appeals, which has ordered CPS to respond and numerous advocacy organizations and at least 10 state lawmakers are supporting a friend-of-the court brief also being filed on the family’s behalf.

    The Pardos were given no explanation when the boy was seized June 20. CPS agents simply showed up at the family’s home, accompanied by armed officers, demanded the child and refused to answer their questions.

    The family’s attorney, THSC’s Chris Barnason, said Children’s Medical Center in Dallas reported the family to CPS after the family filed a complaint against the hospital. Their claim was that Drake had received poor treatment; that one of Drake’s doctors refused to visit the boy while he was admitted to the hospital.

    “Children’s informed the family that they would review the matter and resolve it within 45 days. On day 46, with the family still having heard nothing from the Children’s Medical Center, CPS showed up at the family’s door with an affidavit signed by one of the hospital’s doctors and removed Drake,” the homeschool group said.

    Can’t help but wonder: Vindicative much?

    CPS cited an “emergency” health issue regarding the four-year-old. It was signed by a Children’s Medical Center physician, Dr. Dakil.

    But, hold on: Dr. Dakil shockingly testified she’d never seen or met with Drake or his parents; that she had no first-hand knowledge of Drake’s medical conditions. She represented all the concerns listed in her affidavit as speculative. She said she could not confirm them or rule them out without speaking to the parents; and that, moreover, her concerns did not constitute an emergency.

    Dakil undercut CPS’ account even further, specifying she’d not requested that Drake be removed from his home; that she’d only wanted CPS to arrange a June 10 meeting with the family to address her concerns.

    Note: “a meeting”; i.e., the way most issues involving adults – still less health care professionals and parents — would routinely be handled.

    Could someone explain why this case is even continuing?

    Dr. Dakil admitted she was surprised that CPS removed Drake from his home. (Well, imagine how the lad’s mom and dad felt?)

    Her concerns could be alleviated, she said, through a sit-down conversation with the parents to create a treatment plan and having both parents attend future medical visits.

    But that didn’t seem possible as long as Drake remained in CPS custody, she said.

    To be clear… it’s the authorities who are standing in the way of an amicable solution here?

    Unfortunately for the folks at CPS, Drake’s seizure of the child was caught on video:


    Staff members for the Family Rights Advocacy and the Parent Guidance Center were on the phone with the family at the time, and the Pardos “remained calm but can be seen challenging the caseworker’s claim to a two-week delayed ‘emergency’ and the decision to suddenly remove Drake,” the homeschool group said.

    Drake’s father, Daniel, is heard for several minutes attempting to keep Drake calm as he is placed in the police car and as he asks repeatedly why his father is not coming with him.

    Yes. Heartbreaking.

    In the first court hearing, Judge Michael Chitty gave CPS everything agents demanded, according to the homeschool group. CPS workers never had seen or talked with Drake, his parents, family members, neighbors or any doctor with first-hand knowledge of the boy’s issues.

    CPS agents [were] forced to concede there was no background investigation, they had never looked at resolutions that didn’t involve confiscating the child, refused to specify the accusations either to the parents or their lawyer, had no first-hand knowledge of anything the parents had done wrong, had “intentionally” not informed the family of a meeting requested by the hospital and decided there was an “emergency” because the parents didn’t appear at a meeting they didn’t know.

    That’s quite a roster of embarrassing admissions. But the disclosure of their bungles wasn’t finished:

    “To add to the list of offenses, when the July 2 hearing began it was discovered that CPS and the Attorney Ad Litem had failed to respond to the valid discovery requests from the Pardo’s attorney,” the homeschooling group said.

    “Observers in the courtroom were left searching for anything that CPS had done correctly during their gross mishandling of the case.”

    The judge’s response at the end of it all?

    Chitty then issued a “gag order” against the family.

    If there is something genuinely amiss with this family, some way they are posing an actual threat to their son, one would have to search in vain from the facts adduced to identify what it is. It seems the only troubling behavior in this entire tawdry episode was supplied by Child Protective Services and the hospital.

    And remember: this is Texas, not New York State, Oregon or California!

    Since when does the State have the authority to conduct itself this way toward these parents? Toward any parents? This disastrous incident reminds us why they never should.

    Image adapted from: Goran Horvat from Pixabay

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