• No Place Is Safe: Trans-Craziness Run Amok in the Far North

    Surge Summary: A Christian homeless shelter is brought to court for not allowing a man to spend the night with a room full of needy women, feeling the wrath of the modern trans-mania movement.

    Last January Sherrie Laurie, director of a Christian homeless shelter in downtown Anchorage, Alaska — “Hope Center” — was summoned to the floor to deal with – no joke — a disruptive “man in a nightgown” who was “very inebriated, with a big gash down his face.” Laurie recognized the man: though professing a female gender identity, he was over six feet tall and “very large.” There was no ambivalence about his sex.

    Owing to his obvious intoxication and need for medical attention, the Hope Center director explained he would not be permitted to spend the night there The individual left, she thought, on good terms.

    He reappeared the next day; Laurie explained that check-in wasn’t until 5:45 p.m. Again, it seemed he departed without an issue.

    Hope Center serves both men and women during daytime hours, but its overnight facilities are reserved for females only. Moreover, they must be sober and determined to be non-threatening.

    This prompts the question: why didn’t this fella “identifying” as a “she” also proclaim himself sober and non-injured? Y’know, make it a three-fer?

    Anyway, Laurie’s refusals were all for the most sensible of reasons, as Madeleine Kearns chronicles:

    This is owing to the vulnerability of the women the Hope Center serves. They have often come out of “extremely abusive situations,” including sex trafficking and domestic violence. … [T]he Hope Center staff (at night, all female) are often “first responders.” [I]t is “absolutely critical” that this particular service remain single-sex. The women sleep in the same room and may be in various stages of undress. “Somebody may be raped and then come right to our door,” [Laurie] says.

    It turns out before being turned away from the Hope Center, the male-who-says-he’s -female individual had been in a fight at another shelter. Although Laurie had not known that at the time, it’s plain she made the right call in not allowing him to overnight at the facility.

    Or did she? The Anchorage Equal Rights Commission (AERC), an administrative agency within the municipality of Anchorage, didn’t think so.

    “Administrative agency”? “Municipality”? Chilling word combo, that.

    A week after the incident, the AERC notified Laurie that they were investigating a complaint against the Hope Center on behalf of the individual she sent to the hospital, Jessica Doe. Doe alleged that the Hope Center’s shelter was a public accommodation and had discriminated against Doe on the basis of sex and gender identity. The Hope Center disputes both claims — the shelter is a non-profit, not a public accommodation, and, besides, it did not discriminate against Doe on the basis of gender identity. Indeed, had Doe been a female identifying as a man, there would have been no issue (provided he was also sober and non-aggressive).

    “At first I didn’t even think of legal stuff,” Laurie says. “I thought, Oh my, all I have to do is explain this. Because it was so clear.”

    Isn’t that cute of this glaringly good-hearted woman? There’s obviously a misunderstanding. Just explain the situation, apply a dash of common sense. Everything will be sorted out, post-haste.

    Alas, that kind of thinking is where she missed it. Her assumptions were eminently reasonable but, lamentably, reason fled this trans-gender issue quite a long time ago.

    But the AERC would not back down. In fact, when Laurie’s legal counsel spoke to local media about the Hope Center’s policies, the AERC filed a second discrimination complaint, alleging that these comments, too, were discriminatory. This deterred the Hope Center from making further public comments about the case and, as a result, allowed their reputation to be tarnished in the public eye.

    This bunch, in other words, doubled down on their daffiness, resulting in an additional outrage: silencing the other side.

    Stratospheric nitwittery, false accusation, slander and bullying against a local Christian service to the homeless! This “administrative agency” is ambitious, aren’t they? Are these the kinds of things that help the long winters pass for the government folk up North?

    This was when the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) stepped in, taking the case to federal court. Laurie’s ADF counsel argue that the second complaint — which, in effect, prevents the Hope Center from publicly defending itself — is unconstitutional and in violation of the First Amendment. The second complaint was successfully challenged. And last Friday, the Hope Center was granted a preliminary injunction that temporarily enjoined the city from pursuing the first complaint, meaning that the Hope Center can continue to operate as a women’s-only shelter while the case continues. A decision on the question of unlawful discrimination is scheduled for April 2020. Laurie’s legal team are hopeful.

    “If you look at the order itself,” says Ryan Tucker, Laurie’s lawyer, “one of the standards is whether there’s a likelihood of success on our case. And so the court had to find that to grant our motion. We’re quite hopeful that we’ll have a final ruling that says something similar to what the court has already ruled.”

    Thankfully, even in our modern era outbursts of sanity can still occur.

    For three decades the Hope Center has been doing God’s work in Alaska’s largest city, serving the homeless population. When the nation’s drug epidemic began to explode just a few years ago, the city asked the Hope Center to become an overflow shelter in response and, of course, it complied. It’s the kind of thing followers of Jesus Christ are supposed to do. How did that same municipality express its appreciation? By attempting to sue the Hope Center for acting to protect the women it serves.

    Laurie hopes she can put the incident behind her so that the Hope Center can “continue protecting these women and giving them a safe place to receive the counsel and the love and all the things that they need to get on with their life.”

    An honorable aspiration; and may they be released to focus undistractedly on it once again, soon.

    If only the addle-brained busybodies in the town offices will get out of the way, that is.

    Image: CC BY-SA 4.0, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=55080629

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