• Pro-Abortion Propaganda Breaks Out in the World of … Video Games?

    Surge Summary: Pro-abortion video games? They’re on the way. Actually, they’re already here.

    If the pro-aborts can’t keep the little ones from being born altogether, they’re apparently ready to capture whatever childhood survives. Abortion advocates have some big goals vis-à-vis the culture – which shouldn’t surprise because culture shapes how people think, speak, vote.   Thus, abortion must be positively portrayed in movies and television shows, as is already largely happening. But for the pro-choice die-hards, it develops movies and television aren’t enough. They’re like the burning fire mentioned in Proverbs chapter thirty-one which is “never satisfied”, which “never says ‘Enough’ “. Now, abortion advocates want to recruit video games to boost a pro-abortion agenda.

    Over at Liveaction.org, Cassy-Fiano Chesser notes:

    Newsbusters reports on a recent episode of the tech-oriented “Chips with Everything” podcast, which featured feminist tech writer Laura Hudson and game developer Mary Flanagan of Tiltfactor as guests. They discussed their desire to insert pro-abortion storylines into video games, and gave a Polish game called “Fantastic Fetus” as an example.

    Created after protests formed in Poland against stricter abortion laws, “Fantastic Fetus” is a Tamagotchi-style game in which players can choose a character and then walk them through nine months of a pregnancy. The characters need to be fed, kept happy and clean, given medicine when they’re ill, and even pray.

    As the characters move throughout the pregnancy, players also create their own “fantastic” baby. But if anything goes wrong — gaining too much weight, becoming too afraid or too sick — the mother will die. And then, at the end of the pregnancy, regardless of how well the mother is taken care of, her baby will end up with a life-threatening birth defect, like hydrocephaly or twin reversed arterial perfusion.

    Afterwards, in case the players haven’t gotten the message, they’re subjected to a series of statements about the need for abortion to remain legal. The insinuation is unavoidable: abortions are necessary for women. Pregnancy is hard. Your baby could end up being defective.

    Wait a minute: Insinuation? Seems a good bit more than that. And pro-lifers are accused of being heavy-handed?

    To tech writer Hudson, this kind of game is ideal, because it could help change people’s minds on abortion. “I think when you look at what tends to change people’s hearts around politics it’s not usually because somebody made a really good argument, y’know,” she said. “As much as I’d love to believe in the pure power of debate to change minds, I don’t often think that that’s the case. I think a lot of what changes people’s hearts, particularly around divisive issues, is knowing someone or meeting someone who is personally affected by it.”

    In short, this woman is extolling the effectiveness of “story-telling”. And she’s spot on pointing out its power. She might want to be careful about the longing for the effectiveness of “the pure power of debate to change minds”: in a purely rationale square-off on the issue of abortion, baby-killing will be shot down every time.

    Video games, then, can be another way to make people look at abortion more positively, without getting into any actual facts. Game developer Flanagan explained, “What we try to do is put people in situations where they’re open and can explore a world or they can play a game that is like a trivia game,” with the goal of “shifting attitudes, mindsets, and possibly behaviors.” And she doesn’t want to make abortion-specific games, either; instead, she wants existing games to have pro-abortion messages inserted.

    Oooooo … a tricky bunch, those child-terminating advocates.

    You might be surprised to find out “Fantastic Fetus” is not the first video game created by abortion crusaders. A game was created called “Choice: Texas”  in response to

    Texas’ ban on late-term abortions. It attempted to show how difficult it was for Texan women to procure an abortion.

    Another offering was billed as a “choose-your-own-adventure” style game, where you choose what kinds of decisions a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy makes. However, the game stacks the choices against life, with a hasty abortion presented as the best choice — and choosing life ends up with the woman ultimately needing a late-term abortion anyway, or sick, in premature labor, and with crushing debt.

    So, motherhood, propagation of the species, bearing and raising one of your own is exclusively a drag? And pointless to boot? All drummed into a kid’s mind and soul while he or she is simply relaxing in front of the screen after school.

    Cassy-Fiano is confident that

    [t]he idea of changing people’s minds on abortion through video games is an odd one, especially considering that people are not especially fond of abortion. Even when Americans want it to be legal, they want it to be heavily restricted — and a video game is not going to manipulate people into changing their minds.

    Still, perhaps she shouldn’t be quite so certain: once again, people tend to be moved more by emotion than by tightly reasoned logic or exposure to facts. Media has been modelling that reality, moving sneakily in it for decades. Moving from television and film indoctrination to brain-washing – and conscience-corrupting – courtesy of video games? That seems like just the natural next step in the war to keep baby-killing legal.

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