• Snorting Over Death: Bill Maher Goes Unusually Low — Even for Bill Maher

    Surge Summary: Comedian/talk host Bill Maher shocks with a vile attack on just-deceased billionaire/philanthropist David Koch.

    Bill Maher’s been long known for his cable TV sneering vulgarity and misanthropic shtick, but even by his subterranean standards, in the words of PJ Media’s Rick Moran, his “monologue from Friday’s Real Time on HBO simply can’t be believed.”

    Fox News:

    “Real Time” host Bill Maher minced no words Friday night regarding the news that Republican megadonor and billionaire philanthropist David Koch had died at age 79 following a long battle with cancer.

    “F— him… I’m glad he’s dead,” Maher said.

    No artifice, no veneer of minimalist decency – just sheer, open hatefulness.

    During the opening monologue on Friday’s Real Time (HBO) he reported that Koch has passed away of prostate cancer. That’s when the grossness began: some in the audience applauded. I suspect that only fueled the crass comedian for what was next:

    “I guess I’m going to have to re-evaluate my low opinion of prostate cancer. … As for his remains, he has asked to be cremated and have his ashes be blown into a child’s lungs.”

    He briefly and vacuously acknowledged his “harsh words” — and then pressed viciously onward:

    “He and his brother have done more than anybody to fund climate science deniers for decades. So f— him, the Amazon is burning up, I’m glad he’s dead, and I hope the end was painful.”

    “Forget ideology. Forget politics,” pens Moran. “How does a civilized human being get to the point where voicing such sentiments is believed to be acceptable by anyone in society — even political allies?”

    How? Well, in part by diving headlong into the tenets of political Leftism, all of its mordant underpinnings, all of its repercussions – something the sneering Maher has been doing for decades.

    Thinking such thoughts is bad enough. Most of us would be ashamed of ourselves for celebrating anyone’s demise and hoping “the end was painful.” It’s barbaric. The words are disconnected from conscience in a way that makes Maher less human.

    Maher isn’t alone, of course. But few have his exposure as a public figure or have the attention of so many.

    Used to be individuals in the spotlight understood and admitted they had some kind of responsibility to the general public. Too often, nowadays, celebrities’ attitudes are, to paraphrase Maher, F—- responsibility. It’s not just a profane comment; it’s their life’s motto.

    But above all else, Maher’s diatribe against David Koch is monumentally stupid. Whether or not you believe “climate deniers” are evil is immaterial. It’s only one aspect of Koch’s personality and beliefs.

    Dummies like Maher who used the occasion of Koch’s demise to cavort on his freshly dug grave don’t even get the mega wealthy businessman was, unfortunately, a compatriot of theirs on not a few hot-button social issues. Koch was pro-choice, pro-gay marriage and soft on border policy. He allegedly didn’t vote for Donald Trump.

    “The other side to Koch” Moran reminds us, “is the billions of dollars he gave to those less fortunate.”

    Fox Business helpfully catalogues how Koch gave back to the world,

    [A]ccording to a profile on some of his generous donations outlined by the Wichita Business Journal Koch’s philanthropy included gifts to

    — Massachusetts Institute of Technology — $185 million (towards cancer research, a childcare center, biology building and the David H. Koch School of Chemical Engineering.)

    — Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center — $150 million (the largest single gift the center received; which helped build an outpatient medical facility.)

    — New York-Presbyterian Hospital (I suppose many a Progressive might hold that “Presbyterian” part against that contribution, but they shouldn’t forget the “hospital” part.)

    His nine-figure donation helped build an ambulatory care center in his honor. An additional $28 million went toward the institution’s other needs.

    — For the artsy-fartsy set, who normally feel support of the creative side of our culture covers a multitude of sins, Koch donated $100 million to the New York State Theater at Lincoln Center

    The list is of charitable donations is astonishing. But Maher, the ignoramus, can only see the money he gave to climate skeptics.

    It should be noted that both sides engage in this race to see who can say the nastiest, most vile, most despicable things about the recently dead. But Maher’s words — as I’m sure he intended — shock the sensibilities of decent people who may be passionate about their politics, but set boundaries where good taste and decorum are needed.

    Hear, hear! Hey, Conservatives: in rebutting the Bill Maher’s of the world let’s make sure we don’t become like them.

    Image: Adapted from: https://www.flickr.com/photos/zbowling/2766649179/

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