• Some May Call It Children’s Entertainment — but It’s Really Leftist Indoctrination

    Surge Summary: Whether children’s television or so-called family-friendly movies, the indoctrination of kids is moving forward, particularly regarding the LGBTQ agenda, and undercutting traditional, conservative and Christian  values long the way. 

    Over at Patriot Post, Brian Weber engages in a bit of reminiscing …

    There was a time in America when children’s entertainment was a safe bet. Sure, we saw the slow creep of movie violence, more promiscuous characters, and more subject matter made for mature viewers, but we could certainly let our kids watch a Disney flick without worrying about our values being undermined.

    Not anymore.

    More and more commonly, homosexual and transgender indoctrination is insinuating itself into youthful fare, LGBTQ characters playing visible roles in kids’ movies, television programs, even animated children’s series.

    Thus affirming Dennis Prager’s thesis that progressives “ruin everything they touch”.

    The evidence? Pretty difficult to miss.

    Nickelodeon’s “The Loud House” featured a homosexual male couple. Amazon’s “Danger and Eggs” promoted a transgender character. Disney’s “Star vs. The Forces of Evil” included a same-sex kiss. Last year, The Cartoon Network’s “Steven Universe” included a same-sex marriage proposal. More recently, Disney’s popular “Andi Mack” series featured a homosexual teenage couple.

    This list only represents a fraction of programs now pushing the Left’s agenda to indoctrinate our children.

    Weber detects a bandwagon effect: one producer trying to outdo the others appeasing the Rainbow Mafia, hijacking kids’ programming as a conduit for their “LGBTQ” agenda. Think of it as a kind of politically fashionable avalanche.

    Alternative lifestyles are not being presented as an unusual choice on big and small screen. Entertainment industry moguls don’t want it affirmed that the vast majority of Americans don’t live this way. Point of fact, they want the young ones growing up to embrace same-sex marriage or gender selection.

    Call it slow boil brain-washing.

    And the lavender agenda doesn’t stop there …

    One of the long-term goals is, frankly, to undermine the very foundation of Western civilization, which is embodied by the Christian faith and the prehistoric and pan-cultural family structure of a man, a woman, and their children.

    Stipulated: teaching young people to have compassion for others is laudable, a central component of Western/Judeo-Christian-based culture. Mentally conditioning them to think that abnormal is normal, and vice versa, however, is something else altogether.

     [It poses] a threat to our very way of life.

    Frame the most unnatural lifestyle choice as merely a form of love, and they’ll never question it (especially if their own parents were inculcated with the same beliefs when they were kids).

    Leanne Itali writes for the Associated Press, “Wilson Cruz, a co-star in the new Hulu animated children’s series ‘The Bravest Knight,’ describes the show’s dad couple this way: ‘We’re not explaining homosexuality, or same-gender sexuality. We’re talking about the love of a family.” And that’s the heart of the problem. Children watching these shows don’t have anything explained to them. It’s all pure emotion. And producers hope that parents aren’t around to teach their children otherwise.

    You might have noticed, those who dare to speak out suddenly become the villains. Take the recent Mario Lopez debacle, for example: the former teen-show star (“Saved By the Bell”), now a TV host, suggested that perhaps parents’ raising their three-year-olds as transgender might not be the wisest road to take. You know where this is going … the Human Rights Campaign belligerently denounced Lopez for imperiling the “safety and well-being of LGBTQ youth.”

    That’s not a typo. Suggest parents not abet their pre-schooler’s physically mutilating his/her body, and you pose the menace to the little one’s well-being?

    That’s rich. And chilling.

    Everything’s being turned on its head.

    Of course, Lopez folded and a dutiful and groveling apology was tendered.

    Over at National Review, Declan Leary has written,

    “There is a fine line between depicting the world as it is for realism’s sake and normalizing the current state of affairs.”

    That said, if anyone’s willing to speak honestly,

    [t]his isn’t about helping kids understand the world around them. It’s about indoctrinating them to embrace perverse lifestyles and the notion that the traditional American family is somehow abnormal. …  It’s about using entertainment as a pathway into the hearts and minds of impressionable boys and girls.

    “Social Emotional Learning” standards are being modelled as the premier approach to life and decision-making. Choices are to be rooted first and foremost in emotion, feelings above all else.

    That’s bound to turn out well …

     “The problem is not that children have emotions,” writes Teresa Mull at The Heartland Institute, “but that government schools can’t acknowledge that absolute truth and right and wrong exist, let alone what truth, right, and wrong are. So, we have a bunch of kids trained to embrace their feelings — and since feelings can’t be right or wrong, society devolves into chaos.”

    More than ever, parental discernment and involvement are needed; old fashioned concepts like guidance for our offspring, communication, willingness to set and enforce boundaries, to say “No”.

    Time was, not so long ago actually, those qualities were regarded as the basic responsibilities of any self-respecting mom and dad.

    Guess what? Regardless of what Disney or Saturday morning or after-school television might imply, they still ought to be.

    Image by Vidmir Raic from Pixabay 

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