• The Flag, a Fireman, Hong Kong Protestors … and Spoiled Sports Celebs

    Surge Summary: A teary-eyed firefighter and protestors in Hong Kong appreciate the flag and what it represents – much more than ingrate sports celebrities who continue to dishonor the nation.

    Seems nowadays like we are inundated with high-visibility types dissing America – her flag, her anthem, her history. Whether disgruntled former NFL quarterbacks. others among their erstwhile gridiron colleagues or foul-mouthed female soccer superstars …


    Happily, that’s not the whole story; not by any means …

    There’s the account of a Georgia firefighter. Corny? Kinda Cheesy? Sure enough. And just what Americans need these days.

    Caleb Howe at theblaze.com fills us in:

    [T]here are a lot of reasons to feel good about the world, and about America, and even about each other.

    This video, shared on social media Saturday from a story that ran at CBS a couple of weeks ago, is a welcome reminder …

    Georgie fireman Spencer Carradine was unable to distinguish between red and green, a type of colorblindness, and couldn’t see other colors with much vibrancy either. And what did he want to see more than anything? The American flag.

    Carradine’s uncommonly thoughtful fire-extinguishing colleagues found out and did something about it, chipping in for a pair of EnChroma glasses. These gadgets allow colorblind people to see hues they normally can’t distinguish.

    He put them on, gave them a try and the moment was recorded for what ultimately became viral video history:

    Meanwhile, there’s this:

    Some Hong Kong protesters, calling for greater democracy and less control from mainland China, were caught on Twitter waving American flags and singing the national anthem, signaling in dramatic form their desire for true freedom and liberty. The tweet, understandably, has gone viral.

    Stipulated: the gaggle’s vocals leave quite a bit to be desired aesthetically, but their performance of the song rivals Whitney Houston’s inimitable 1991 Super Bowl XXV cover for sheer soul-stirring power.

    CNN’s Andrea Morris over at breakingchristiannews.com remarks:

    Both the American flag and national anthem are the ultimate symbols of liberty, paying respect to those who died defending the United States.

    CBN News reported that Hong Kong has experienced more than two months of mass protests calling for democratic reforms and an independent inquiry into police conduct, with both the protesters and police adopting ever-more extreme tactics.

    More than 700 protesters have been arrested since June, causing concerns that police are provoking the violence.

    This hardy band of Hong Kongers gets it. As apparently does firefighter Carradine: America ain’t perfect, but she does still represent liberty and that’s plenty important. Something to be celebrated, cherished – so that’s what they’re doing.

    Good for them.

    Shame on celebrity Americans that have forgotten that, and won’t give the rest of us a break from their anti-patriotic antics so we can forget about them.

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    Image: Screen Shot; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYWuLoAYrgE

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