• Yeow! Cat-Fight A-Comin’ for Democratic House Leadership

    Surge Summary: With the way things are going in the Democratic congressional caucus, it can be expected that a fight for leadership will soon occur between Nancy Pelosi and a number of her high-profile colleagues.

    As a noun, “rogue” is described as an unprincipled man. Sounds like a perfect description for Shifty Adam Schiff, aka, Bobble-head.

    Watching House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (in name only) in charge of her out of control Democrats is like watching her trying to herd cats. Quite a few, now 100+ to be exact, seem to have selective hearing and have gone rogue, being in-charge isn’t working out too well for her.  She recently said that they, meaning her partners in crime, aka House Democrats, should hold off on impeachment proceedings until more (made-up non) facts come rolling in.  And who pushed himself to the front of the pack of cats at a recent televised news conference on the subject?  Well, Shifty himself, along with The Squad and a few others intending to move ahead without the blessings of Nancy.

    Currently there are 235 in the breakdown for the number of Democrats in the 116th House of Representatives.  So, apparently, Nancy has control of only about half of her people. Let’s see how long that lasts before many more abandon her sinking ship of lost leadership and join the rest of the far left of the new and revamped Democrat party.

    Currently, they’re being led by The Squad, but never underestimate shifty Bobble-head for getting his mittens on a key position in this new party of loose cannons.  There are others who will fight it out for leadership in this growing group, let us not forget Nadler who will certainly want a jump in too.  Cummings is sure to also jump in since he also immeasurably hates the president. Then when Booker decides to step out of his futile, going nowhere 2020 run, he will certainly want a piece of the action in the new-and-improved-party pie.

    This will be a cat fight worth watching and worthy of ticket sales.

    The views expressed here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge.

    Image: Image adapted from rihaij from Pixabay 


    Burbsmom is a housewife and mother, a proud "deplorable" and Zionist. After living in two blue states, she and her family are living the dream in a fly-over red-state. She has three grown children who know God, love America and love her great state. She has written for clashdaily.com and dailysurge.com. Life is good. 

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