• Bolton Gone as Trump NSA — Whether that’s a Positive or Negative Remains to Be Seen

    Surge Summary: John Bolton is gone as Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor. The Administration has lost an honest, often contrary, source of insight.

    Depending on what sources you are leaning on, John Bolton has either been fired or resigned as National Security Advisor for President Trump.

    Whatever those specifics, he is gone from the administration. National Review’s Rich Lowry quotes a New York Times report that Bolton, “a determined opponent of the [now-cancelled ]deal with the Taliban”, was at odds with  Secretary of State Mike Pompeo over that matter.

    The Times puts forth:

    As they discussed terms of the agreement, Mr. Pompeo and his negotiator, Zalmay Khalilzad, made the case that it would enable Mr. Trump to begin withdrawing troops while securing a commitment from the Taliban not to shelter terrorists. Mr. Bolton, beaming in by video from Warsaw, where he was visiting, argued that Mr. Trump could keep his campaign pledge to draw down forces without getting in bed with killers swathed in American blood….

    Mr. Bolton was the leading voice against the deal on the inside … argu[ing[ that Mr. Trump could pull out 5,000 troops while still leaving enough forces to assist counterterrorism efforts without a deal with the Taliban, a group he argued could not be trusted.

    Lowry asserts this intense internal fight over Afghan policy explains a recent spate of anti-Bolton stories in the press.


    He wasn’t afraid to ruffle feathers speaking forthrightly about why this course was a mistake, even when the decision seemed to be going the other way. It’s important that this president—any president—get unvarnished advice from his aides, and Bolton is always willing to provide it.

    Mind you, Bolton is now Trump Admin-history, so if the President’s inner-circle is on the lookout for “unvarnished” and contrary advice from within their ranks, it presumably will not be supplied courtesy of John Bolton.

    H/T: Rich Lowry National Review

    H/T: New York Times

    Image: Adapted from: Michael Vadon – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=39734353


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