• CA Sherrif Tells Folks: Carry Your Gun and Use It to Defend When Necessary

    Surge Summary: A California Sheriff encourages legal gun owners with a concealed carry permit to stand ready to act and defend people when active shooters attempt to hurt them.

    This would be defined as a public servant courageously going against the anti-gun grain …

    Craig Bannister (CNS News) writes:

    Tulare County, California Sheriff Mike Boudreaux is encouraging all concealed carry weapon (CCW) permit holders in his community to exercise their rights to defend themselves and others against active shooters.

    Boudreaux was inspired to speak out by recent mass shootings in the U.S. On August 6 he audaciously sent out a Tweet calling for legal firearm and CCW permit owners to “protect life” against villains with guns:

    “I encourage all CCW holders in Tulare County to exercise your rights. Do so legally and only with a valid permit. Secure our communities and protect life by being able to defend ourselves against active shooters, threats to life and those who use guns for criminal behavior.”

    This is controversial? Sounds a lot like encouraging the obvious to me: Hey, good guys with a gun, please be ready to stop the bad guys with a gun whenever they show up and threaten innocent lives.

    In a follow-up statement, the law enforcement professional said, “We need to level the playing field. … America’s 1st Freedom.”

    Responding to critics, Boudreaux insists – correctly — law-abiding gun owners aren’t the problem.

    “I have more than 10,000 gun permits issued in my county. In the thousands that we’ve issued, we’ve had zero issues with law abiding citizens who are carrying concealed weapons.”

    “If something like those horrific active shooter incidents was to happen here, I want the people of my county to be able to defend themselves,” Sheriff Boudreaux told “America’s 1st Freedom.”

    Refreshingly, Tulare County’s top cop recognizes the limits of his shop’s capabilities. They can’t be everywhere; they need the help of responsible citizens – responsible citizens with firearms(!). Again, that segment of society is not the problem when it comes to gun carnage. In fact, Sheriff Boudreaux believes, they might be part of the solution.

    H/T: Craig Bannister (CNS News)

    Image: Screen shot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIgxwB-Zkpo

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