• Close Call: Newborn Baby Astonishingly Rescued from a Post-Birth ‘Abortion’

    Surge Summary: A close-call story: a newborn boy abandoned in a suitcase near a dumpster is found and rescued before being crushed in a trash compactor.

    The press is full of abortion horror stories.

    Below, from fox4news.com’s Alex Boyer, a near-horror story that actually turned out to be a heartening, celebratory moment …

    “beautiful baby boy” was found inside a suitcase near a dumpster in Texas on Saturday — and police have released images of the bag in the hope someone will recognize it, providing information to help them find the child’s mother.

    The baby, nicknamed “Baby Jason,” was discovered in an Arlington apartment complex on Saturday morning. Local police responded to the “terrible call” and transported the hours-old baby to a hospital.

    On Tuesday, the Arlington Police Department posted on social media photos of the suitcase and other items. The hope is “someone will recognize these items and come forward.” The suitcase is described as: small, black, with a purple stain on the upper front pocket. It has a combination lock on the handle. The words “Chong Ping” are inscribed. It has a tan or yellow print interior.

    The baby, meanwhile, had been swaddled in a leopard print blanket alongside a red-pink paisley scarf.

    Det. Morgan Speer told KDFW Fox 4 News the items are “still being processed by our crime scene“. She added there was blood was discovered inside the suitcase and that investigators are “attempting to see if they can pull some fingerprints or things like that out of it too.”

    Apparently the baby was born just hours prior to his discovery. KDFW reports it’s estimated “Baby Jason” was four- to six-weeks premature. The boy’s umbilical cord was still attached and he was cold and suffering from low oxygen levels.

    The woman who heard the child’s cries “opened the suitcase at which time she saw a beautiful baby boy who is responsive and alive,” Speer said.

    The detective shared this breath-catching detail:  typically, the Arlington apartment complex’s maintenance staff put “everything in the trash compactor in the morning and compact it.” But on Saturday morning, the man in charge of that was late for work, “and so that didn’t happen. Once again, talking about how blessed the baby”

    Indeed. Indeed.

    Authorities are searching for the little one’s mother. According to Texas state “Safe Haven” laws, rather than abandoning the baby outside in a trash zone, she could have dropped him off at a hospital, EMS or fire department without ramifications.

    Anyone with information on the baby or his mother is urged to contact Tarrant County Crime Stoppers at 817-469-8477.

    It’s odd, upon hearing the conclusion of this drama most folks utter a sigh of relief, even gratitude. Just asking: how many of those same persons wouldn’t have batted an eyelid if, instead of dumping the child into a suitcase and walking away, that same mother had officially aborted her child moments before it was born?

    H/T: fox4news.com/Alex Boyer

    Image: Screen shot; https://www.fox4news.com/news/arlington-police-release-images-of-items-found-with-newborn-baby-near-dumpster

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