• Democratic Leaders Make a Big Deal of Americans Who Reject God — and Sneer at Believers

    Surge Summary: In a just-passed resolution, the Democratic National Committee has formally affirmed the importance of atheists and agnostics in American society and their party — and insulted those who cherish religious faith while doing so

    Christian Headlines’ Michael Foust brings the gloomy tidings that, Saturday, the Democratic National Committee passed a first-of-its-kind resolution recognizing the “ethical soundness” and “importance” of religiously unaffiliated Americans, while also contending such voters “share the Democratic Party’s values.”

    I suppose this is to be taken as some kind of towering breakthrough? Truth told, functionally much of this exultation has been true of the Donkey Party for years. It’s acted like a faction that doesn’t much care what God thinks for quite a while now. I’ll admit, though, it’s helpful for American voters that Dem leaders have made official their enthusiasm for unbelief.

    The resolution was unanimously ratified – minus one abstention — at the DNC’s summer meeting. It was pushed by the Secular Coalition of America which represents the interests of atheists, agnostics and humanists in public policy. This was the first time the party had “embraced American nonbelievers,” the coalition stated.

    “[T]he religiously unaffiliated demographic represents the largest religious group within the Democratic Party, growing from 19% in 2007 to one in three today,” the resolution says. “… [T]he Democratic Party is an inclusive organization that recognizes that morals, values, and patriotism are not unique to any particular religion, and are not necessarily reliant on having a religious worldview at all.”

    Obviously enough, multitudes hold to particular moral precepts – many of them worthwhile — even though they may not acknowledge the existence of God. But to be philosophically consistent? Morality needs a transcendent Lawgiver. Otherwise, the human species is just left with everybody’s opinions about what’s right and wrong. This feckless DNC resolution doesn’t absolve the atheists and anti-God types from that lapse.

    The declaration asserts:

    • The religiously unaffiliated “overwhelmingly share the Democratic Party’s values,” 70% backed Democrats in 2018; 80% endorse same-sex marriage; 61% say immigrants make American society stronger.
    • The DNC recognizes the

    “value, ethical soundness, and importance of the religiously unaffiliated demographic, a group of Americans who contribute in innumerable ways to the arts, sciences, medicine, business, law, the military, their communities, the success of the Party and prosperity of the Nation.”

    • The DNC affirms

    “religiously unaffiliated Americans are a group that, as much as any other, advocates for rational public policy based on sound science and universal humanistic values and should be represented, included, and heard by the Party”

    And of course, the party of Pelosi, Schumer, Ocasio-Cortez, et al. couldn’t stop there. It wasn’t enough to slobber over the faithless; they had to ding religious Americans in the process:

    [T]hose most loudly claiming that morals, values, and patriotism must be defined by their particular religious views have used those religious views, with misplaced claims of ‘religious liberty,’ to justify public policy that has threatened the civil rights and liberties of many Americans, including but not limited to the LGBT community, women, and ethnic and religious/nonreligious minorities.”

    Secular and atheist groups were, of course, delighted with this pronouncement.

    “America was founded as a secular government charged with representing and protecting the freedoms of people of all faiths and none – I am proud to see the Democratic Party take that to heart by bringing secular Americans into the fold,” said Sarah Levin, director of governmental affairs for the Secular Coalition for America.

    Ms. Levin’s explication is only partially true, mind you. Indeed, the nation was founded purposefully absent an official national religion or denomination. Furthermore, anyone legally naming himself a citizen of the United States, regardless of his/her spiritual affiliations – or lack of same – is to be benefited by and subject to the United States government. Her implication, however, is that “religious” principles (i.e., Judeo-Christian ideals) were uninvolved in the nation’s founding and are presently out-of-bounds in public proceedings. That is historically and practically balderdash.

    The Freedom from Religion Foundation said it is “optimistic that the DNC resolution is a sign of bigger and better things to come for freethinkers.”

    And what would those “bigger and better things” be? Public expression of Christianity made formally illegal altogether? Americans forced to sign documents avowing Darwinism or paying an annual fee supporting abortion or same-sex marriage for those who can’t foot the bill themselves? Monthly lectures on the splendor of atheism held in D.C.’s National Cathedral?

    Ridiculous? Recall, a lot of the “secularist” twaddle currently masquerading bullyingly as official State policy would have once been considered imponderable as well.

    Again, it’s one thing for the Dems – and every American – to affirm each U.S. citizen, believer or the opposite, should enjoy the rights afforded him/her by the Constitution. It’s another to single out God-deniers for special rapturous honor and sneer at ‘the faithful” while doing so. Men and women who repudiate the reality of “Nature’s God” are dismissing a core tenet or America’s founding – this silly and pernicious DNC blather notwithstanding.

    H/T Michael Foust/Christian Headlines

    Image: adapted from Marc Pascual from Pixabay 

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