• Former Obama Staffer: Dems Celebration of Unbelief Is Fundamentally ‘Stupid’

    Surge Summary: A former director of Barack Obama’s faith outreach effort has pointedly bashed the Democratic National Committee’s resolution which praised unbelievers and knocked conservative Christians.

    Jeffrey Cimmino in the Washington Examiner writes:

    The man who directed Barack Obama’s faith outreach efforts in 2012 harshly criticized a new Democratic National Committee resolution that celebrated nonbelievers and criticized conservative Christians.

    Michael Wear worked on faith-based initiatives during Obama’s first term. He blasted the resolution,

    which praised the religiously unaffiliated as the “largest religious group within the Democratic Party” and implicitly criticized conservative religious Americans for “misplaced claims of ‘religious liberty.'”

    “These people actually approved a resolution with the claim: ‘the religiously unaffiliated demographic represents the largest religious group within the Democratic Party,'” Wear tweeted. “Because protestants are all divided with their denominations, but the religiously unaffiliated are coherent.”

    In other words, the various church groups are presumably considered separately, whereas the unbelievers are lumped together.

    His evaluation of the Dem decision was blunt and unsparing. (Remember, this is a former Barack Obama hire.)

    “I just want to be clear. This is both politically stupid, but also, just stupid on a fundamental level that transcends electoral politics,” said Wear.

    Hmmm. Double “stupid”, he concludes.

    Wear foresees this move by the Democrats as creating challenges for them in the run-up to 2020’s elections and the need to grab religious voters.

    “Trump is absolutely going to run this into the ground, and not just with white evangelicals,” he predicts.

    In 2016. Approximately 80% of white evangelicals supported President Trump in 2016.

    Wear told the Atlantic the result among white evangelicals “shows not just ineptitude, but the ignorance of Democrats in not even pretending to give these voters a reason to vote for them.” Trump also won a slight majority of Catholic voters.

    The resolution in question argues that “the nonreligious have often been subjected to unfair bias and exclusion in American society, particularly in the areas of politics and policymaking where assumptions of religiosity have long predominated.” It also criticizes “misplaced claims of ‘religious liberty'” when it is used to “justify public policy that has threatened the civil rights and liberties of many Americans, including but not limited to the LGBT community, women, and ethnic and religious/nonreligious minorities.”

    Contrary to the assertion of the resolution, a majority of self-identified Democrats and Democratic-leaning adults identify as Christian. That’s split roughly between Catholics, evangelical Protestants, mainline Protestants, and historically black Protestants. Meanwhile, as of 2014, unaffiliated – that is, non-religious — Americans accounted for almost 30% of all Democrats.

    Wear thinks many a Democrat, many an American, will not respond well to the Donkey Party’s making a big hoopla over God-rejecters while insulting those who embrace belief in Him.

    To which people who pray can only proclaim: “Lord, make it so!”

    H/T: Jeffrey Cimmino/Washington Examiner

    Image by salmerf from Pixabay 

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