• Grim: President Has No Choice but to Hammer Iran’s Mullah’s for Saudi Raid

    Surge Summary: President Trump must take forceful and severe military action against the Iranian regime for its attack on Saudi Arabian oil facilities. Anything less will encourage future Iranian outrages against America and her allies. 

    Certainly, the world is taking seriously the apparent Iranian attack on Saudi facilities. You get the impression from screenwriter/novelist Roger L. Simon, though, that he doesn’t think everyone is taking it quite seriously enough.

    “The raid on the Saudi oil fields was at least as big as Pearl Harbor, possibly bigger, if you think about it,” avers Simon, co-founder of PJ Media,

    especially in terms of the amount of physical damage done. Whether this was accomplished directly by Iran or by one of its proxies or whether drone or cruise missiles or both were involved are distinctions without a difference. It happened and the repercussions, financial and otherwise, are already being felt.

    He adds that, of course, “the i’s must be dotted” re Iran’s culpability — although the U.S. is already claiming evidence that is conclusive.  Assuming it’s true that the Islamic Republic of Iran and its holdings were behind this incident, that nation must be punished severely. Failure to do so means it will continue pushing further and further with this kind of barbaric behavior, as they’ve already been doing.

    Objecting that this latest outrage was only against Saudi Arabia, not us, won’t cut it. This was an action imperiling the world’s oil supply, and last time I checked the U.S. was a country still using oil on planet earth. The operation against these Saudi facilities affects global economies. There are “no national borders,” pens Simon, ‘[i]n cases like this”.

    Iran cannot be given any kind of pass in this matter.  One’s personal sentiments toward the Saudis are irrelevant at this point. Iran’s boldness sketches out extreme danger for, not just the Saudi princes, but for the civilized world as well.

    At this point too, it would be unwise, in fact, counter-indicated, for Trump to talk to Iran’s leadership. Our president–at the behest of the French president, who looks like a fool at the moment– was rumored to be meeting with Rouhani at the U. N., even though the Iranian president is nothing but a figurehead. (An American president should be meeting with Ayatollah Khamenei, the country’s Supreme Leader, and dictator.)  Furthermore, this isn’t like talking with Kim Jung-un, who fired some missiles into the ocean for show. The weapons here were fired directly at the world’s largest oil refinery with disastrous results. What the mullahs–a regime of religious psychopaths–will do next is anybody’s guess, but stopping their behavior without making them pay in the strongest way seems impossible now.

    This absolutely should not mean putting American boots on the ground under any circumstances. It should be an air obliteration of anything associated with the mullahs and their Revolutionary Guard, including oil fields, ports, factories, military installations, and nuclear sites. Keep doing it until they scream. Leave the results for the Iranian people to sort out when we’re done.

    A retaliatory response like this will be rough on the Iranian people, no doubt. But previously, they’ve shown great fortitude in demonstrations against their corrupt and ruthless religious/governmental leaders.

    With the U.S. solidly and publicly behind regime change (not ignoring the people when they cry out to him the way Obama did), it should inspire the demonstrators to finish the job this time. You’re dreaming if you think Iran can change without regime change. Eventually, maybe soon, maybe now, they will have nuclear weapons. If they are willing to go after the Saudi 0il fields with relatively conventional weapons, thumbing their noses at the world, think what they will do when they have nukes.

    In short: try to imagine the brazenness of a nuclear-armed Iran.

    And speaking of Obama, just why did he negotiate the bizarre Iran Deal in which the USA and other nations agreed to send billions to the mullahs in return for a nuclear agreement in which inspecting Iran’s military installations–the very place where nuclear weapons experiments would be conducted– was off-limits? How could he have trusted these people?

    It sounded crazy then. Now, with Saudi Arabia’s oil field in flames from a cruise missile or drone attack instigated by Iran or one of its proxies, it seems completely nuts. Perhaps, after the treachery of the Russia probe gets revealed, if it does, someone can look into that.

    So what about our current Commander-in-Chief? Recall, when the Iranians brought down an American drone in June, he reportedly called off an attack at the last minute.

    Simon believes that was the proper move back then. But this time? The President “doesn’t really have a choice.”

    H/T: Roger Simon/PJ Media

    H/T: South China Morning Post 

    Image: By Ninaras – Oma teos, CC BY 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=52810657

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