• Is There Anything Bernie Sanders Thinks Should Not Be a Government-Provided Right?

    Surge Summary: Now Bernie Sanders wants to declare “housing” a right which the U.S. government must provide? Historian Davie Barton says: No. Housing – and lots of other Dem advocated free-goodies — are not a human, God-given right. That may be hard to hear, but is it untrue?

    At what point do government freebies reach a limit? Are we allowed to venture that question? It’s a signal concern of our day, certainly. An imminently practical, financially pressing one, I’d say.

    Apropos of that, OneNewsNow’s/Steve Jordahl writes:

    God is the giver of human and fundamental rights – not Bernie Sanders or any other Democratic presidential candidate. But a Christian historian says that’s not stopping them from disputing that fact in their quest for voters’ support.

    President Donald Trump delivered a speech on religious freedom at the United Nations Monday morning. In it he proclaimed peoples’ rights come not from government – they come from God. Yet, it seems like the longer the Democratic presidential candidates are on the campaign trail, the longer the catalogue of “fundamental rights” and “human rights” seems to be growing. Several candidates, of course, have adopted the “Medicare for All” line. It’s been pushed by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders since 2017 when he said, “If we believe in Medicare for All as a human right, we must take on the power of the insurance industry.”

    But that’s old news, anymore.

    Now the self-described Democratic socialist has added his $2.5 trillion “Housing for All” plan:

    Sanders: “In the richest country in the history of the world, every American must have a safe, decent, accessible, and affordable home as a fundamental right.”

    For the record: What isn’t a “right” in Bernie Sanders world? In the universe of the Donkey Party?

    Other Democratic hopefuls have said such things as education, same-sex “marriage,” abortion, and even childcare are fundamental or human rights. One candidate – Andrew Yang – thinks a “universal basic income” is a human right and is willing to back it up with a thousand dollars every month to every American over 18 … amounting to more than $3 trillion a year. Yang calls it the “Freedom Dividend” and says it will be the first thing he implements when elected president.

    Instead of trying to nail down everything voters can expect will be their “rights” under a Democratic administration, perhaps it’s simpler to affirm those goodies which won’t be. A vehicle? A wardrobe? A computer? Paid vacation? Smart phone? How about it?

    Historian and founder of WallBuilders David Barton spoke with OneNewsNow about Yang’s proposal.

    “He’s in a political position with a microphone and that’s a way to say, ‘Here’s my desire, I want this to be an agenda, so I’ll actually help make it stronger by saying that it’s a human right.’ Well, it’s not.”

    God is the font of human/fundamental rights, Barton emphasizes.

    “The way we defined rights, traditionally for thousands of years – and I don’t mean just in American history, I mean globally … – was [to ask] is it a right that the Creator God gave to every individual simply because they were human.”

    The author specifies life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness would be encompassed in the category of God-given rights. What about housing?

    “There’s nothing in nature, there’s nothing in God that gives me an inalienable, God-given right to housing,” Barton states bluntly.

    Sanders clearly disagrees, promising among other things that if elected he will make rent affordable, end homelessness in America, and build millions of affordable housing units – with a price tag in the trillions of dollars.

    Barton’s analysis might be an affront to the sensibilities of let-government-pay-for-everything, twenty-first-century progressives. Lots of reality, and lots of our founding principles, are an affront to that batch.

    For all that, America’s public fisc is demanding we all face reality, like it or not.

    H/T: OneNewsNow’s/Steve Jordahl

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