• Lots of Action Amidst League Upheaval … NFL Picks Week Three

    Surge Summary: Chaos has been reigning across the NFL lately, but the games and the teams press forward. Pigskin Pundit’s picks for the third week of the season. 

    by Pigskin Pundit


    I don’t know what the NFL wants for its 100th birthday, but a little boring normalcy would probably top the list.  Between off-field accusations, key injuries and that relentless zombie-like specter of Colin Kaepernick who won’t go away, the league hasn’t a moment to savor one slice of birthday cake.  This week’s sea change in the key staffing of so many teams has me thinking of that old 1960’s classic, ‘Where have all the QBs gone, Long time passing…’ .

    The landscape of the NFL has changed abruptly this week, and teams whose playoff tickets we already punched have now been unpunched for all intents and purposes.  BTW, it seems like Thursday nights are my kryptonite.  I was 7-9 last week, for a season total of 18-14.  I hope things settle down a bit, too.  Here’s this week’s picks.

    Tennessee at Jacksonville – Duuuu-Val Ramsey has one foot out the door, Marrone is on the hot seat finally, and Jacksonville’s QB Minshew is embryonic.  How the Titans blow this one is beyond me – they won’t.

    Detroit at Philly – Patricia’s squad is not intimidated by the road, and Philly will likely find second gear pretty soon, as they were a playoff team last year.  Eagles strafe Stafford & Co.

    Miami at Dallas – How about them Cowboys?!  Beating the hapless Dolphins at home this week is like the Cowboys shooting Fish in a barrel.

    Baltimore at KC – Great matchup!  Let’s see what these two defenses can do against high octane offense.  KC won’t be able to contain Action Jackson’s ground pound, but neither can the Ravens’ D stifle Mahomes for a full 60 minutes.  Chiefs in a squeaker.

    Oakland at Minnesota – Well, I would have picked correct last week if Kirk Cousins had decided to play at the same level as his valiant teammates.  Once again we see how critical it is to have a quality QB in this league…and how Cousins is campaigning to prove he’s NOT one.  Still, unlike Stabler vs. Tarkenton of old, this rematch will see the Norsemen hold the fort.

    Cincy at Buffalo – Okay, the Bills are continuing to show that McDermott’s coaching is getting some traction with them.  The Bengals are desperate for a win, but I’m going with youth and vision over age and perennial underperformance.  Buffalo three-petes while the Tigers retreat.

    Atlanta at Indy – Props to Reich & Brissett for pushing Indy’s fortunes along.  I’m not buying stock in the Falcons’ road show yet.  Horseshoes continue to find luck after Luck.

    NYJ at New England – Nope.  Just…nope.  People say Mile High is the toughest place to win in the NFL, but The Razor has proven too tough a shave for many top contenders over the last 20 seasons.  NY is going to be Gang Green with envy after this demolition is over.  Minutemen maul the helmless Hessians.

    Denver at GB – Despite a mediocre opener, GB looks like a team coming together.  Can’t say the same for the 0-2 Broncs, who have to overcome many personnel changes top to bottom.  Bet the cheese that Mr. Rodgers protects his neighborhood for another week.

    Carolina at Arizona – Ok, I’m all done with Ron Rivera.  After that insipid 4th-quarter play-calling inside the Tampa 10-yard line last week, he joins the ranks of below-average NFL coaches.  Cam Newton could have leaned forward 4 times and crossed the goal line.  Joaquin Phoenix is the new Joker in film, and Rivera is the Joker this week in Phoenix.  This time the bird eats the cat.

    NYG at Tampa – The Giants are the new Titanic of the NFL, preparing to join Miami at the bottom of the sea.  Even though Jameis Winston will be selling crab legs at Red Lobster next year instead of QBing an NFL team, these Giants will make him look like Slingin’ Sammy Baugh this week.

    Houston at LAC – One of the more even matchups this week.  Were the Texans at home, I would give them the edge.  LA charges to a home win.

    New Orleans at Seattle – Bridgewater won’t be the bridge over troubled waters in Seattle for the Saints, although he’s probably the best of the current crop of backups-turned-starters.  The WhoDats may hold on to playoff hopes if Brees returns in the time projected, but older people don’t heal as fast … Anyway, I expect a close game, but the home team prevails.

    Pitt at SF – This team may not be done with playoff hopes, but that’s how I would bet it.  All three of their biggest offensive weapons are gone from a year ago.  JuJu will be NoNo without someone to get him the ball.  James Connor isn’t going to carry this team.  San Fran will be ready to take this gift…er, game.

    LAR at Cleveland – The battering Rams are nasty on defense, and they are light years ahead of Cleveland in team development and seasoning.  For LA, the road is just an opportunity to beat teams in new and exciting places.  Kitchens can’t take the heat – and neither will Mayfield.  Rams tough, again.

    Chicago at Washington – Which Mitch will be on the pitch this week?  Can Keenum make his Case to the DC fans that he is one of the good QBs left standing after the Week 2 Massacre?  The loss of Rodgers-Cromartie opens up throwing opportunities for Trubisky, who has struggled to capture points.  If his O-line holds up, he should puncture the Skins, especially on 3rd down conversions.  Bears tear Washington.

    Enjoy the games!

    -PP (Nate Clark)

    The views are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge. 

    Image: By Dave Herholz – https://www.flickr.com/photos/dherholz/5134050117/, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=28320946

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