• NFL Superstar QB Stands for Truth – Then Stumbles When Attacked for It.

    Surge Summary: New Orleans Saint quarterback Drew Brees takes a stand for the Bible – and then flinches from the truth when called out on it by LGBTQ radicals and the Mainstream Media.

    I would much prefer to be writing a piece undilutedly lauding Drew Brees as a stalwart example of a man who took a stand for truth and didn’t budge.

    Yes, I’d like to be able to do that. Sadly, I cannot.

    The good folks over at OneNewsNow.com enlighten us as to why:

    A well-known NFL quarterback is accused of retreating from Christian orthodoxy after being tackled by the left-wing media.

    Drew Brees, the veteran New Orleans Saints quarterback, is known for being vocal about his Christian faith so it seemed like a logical fit for him to partner with Colorado based-Focus on the Family to promote the annual “Bring Your Bible to School Day” on Oct. 3

    In a brief promotional video (see below), Brees encourages students to take their Bible to school and “share God’s love” with their classmates.

    “You’re not alone,” he concludes.

    You know what’s coming.

    The LGBTQ activist hyenas descended on the man. A New Orleans-based online magazine, self-described as “unapologetically progressive”, seethed that Brees was co-operating with an “anti-LGBTQ+ religious group.”

    Other media outlets predictably swooped in: NewsweekThe Washington Post, People, and the homosexual-focused The Advocate website.

    You know what else is coming: the Saints’ skipper backtracked.

    “I was not aware of any of the things [Focus] said about them lobbying for anti-gay, any type of messaging or inequality or any type of hate-type related stuff,” Brees told reporters. “I was not aware of that at all.”

    You know why the forty-year-old NFL star was unaware of these “things”? Because the Christian, pro-family organization wasn’t culpable of “inequality or any type of hate-type related stuff”. Wasn’t part of their operation in any way.

    In a separate video Brees posted to Twitter, the quarterback says he does not support any groups that “discriminate” or try to “promote inequality.”

    Unfortunately for the Super-Bowl-winning athlete, the Christian Post points out,. despite running from Focus in in the wake of this incident, Brees has been connected with the ministry in the past. There was a 2010 radio interview and a 2015 story on marriage – and good for him for contributing to those efforts.

    Left-wing media, of course, picked up on this and, writes OneNewsNow,

    all but challenged Brees to pick a side since he has worked alongside talk show host and lesbian Ellen DeGeneres and the “It Gets Better” campaign to fight anti-homosexual bullying.

    Christian author and speaker Frank Turek had some thoughts on Drew Brees’ unfortunate retreat before the lavender bullies, regretting he’s backed down before the misuse of such words as “love” and “hate”. What’s actually needed? A deeper discussion about what they really mean.

    “We need to describe what we mean by ‘inequality,’ ” Turek told American Family Radio. “Are all behaviors equal? No. All people are equal but all behaviors are not equal. And what does hate mean? Does hate mean that if you disagree with someone’s political position that you’re a hater? If that’s the case, the LGBT community are haters because they disagree with conservative political positions.”

    Turek’s reasoning, clearly, is unimpeachable, so a sizable swathe of the LGBTQ crusading community will simply ignore it.

    Just like a parent would object to a child’s harmful behavior out of love, Turek said the Bible condemns homosexuality for the same reason.

    “If Drew Brees wants to line up with what the Bible says, what Jesus says, what natural law says, he’s not a hater,” [Turek] insisted. “In fact, he’s loving people by saying if he says homosexual behavior is sinful and unhealthy, that’s loving. That’s not unloving.”

    Over at The Resurgent, James Silberman adds,

    Brees caved and practically threw Focus on the Family and socially conservative organizations generally under the bus. …

    Opposing laws which redefine gender as a feeling is not “hate-type-related stuff.” It’s morally and logically correct. Whether Brees understands that is unknown, but what’s certain is that he’s not willing to defend such countercultural truths in public.

    There are lessons here that both Brees and Focus on the Family need to learn. …

    When you stand for Christ, you will be mercilessly and irrationally attacked. … That is the cost of being a Christian publicly.

    Brees wasn’t ready for that cost. Anyone making any sort of public stand for Christ needs to be, no matter how non-confrontational a stand they think they’re making.

    Under fire, Brees unfortunately implied those who embrace the actual teaching of the very Bible he is promoting are guilty of “hate” and “inequality”. Couldn’t he, instead, calmly and non-defensively have said something like: “Hey, I believe in what the Bible teaches about life, including sex and marriage. I love everyone and that’s why I’m recommending the Bible. It’s  good for people and I care about them.”?

    A better example for truth-valuers (and Christians!) in all this contretemps ends up being Focus on the Family president Jim Daly. Despite the appearance of being tossed to the rainbow mob by their sports celebrity spokesman, Daly released a statement thanking Brees for encouraging students and supporting “Bing Your Bible to School Day.”

    H/T: OneNewsNow; James Silberman; The Resurgent

    Image: CC by 2.0; Adapted from: https://www.flickr.com/photos/design-dog/4340571323

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