• NYC Abortion Mill Sets a Record! (And It Isn’t a Good One)

    Surge Summary: A New York City abortion clinic sets a record: nine women taken to the hospital so far this year.

    Because certain information about abortion clinics has been kept under wraps, some readers might be taken aback, just a bit, by it; but really they shouldn’t be. Legalized child-killing is a bloody business, after all, so this newest detail fits right in.

    Charlie Butts/OneNewsNow reports:

    An abortion clinic operated by Planned Parenthood has achieved a record of sorts: sending nine women to the emergency room in nine months.

    Notice the symmetry: nine women’s lives imperiled in nine months. It’d be quaint if it wasn’t so ghastly.

    The New York City operation was named after its founder, eugenicist-fan Margaret Sanger. According to Operation Rescue the clinic just sent its ninth patient to the emergency room this year.

    “We don’t know exactly what’s going on in that clinic that would make it so dangerous for women,” says spokesperson Cheryl Sullenger.

    Mind you, we all know it’s been dangerous for unborn women all along.

    Sullenger continues:

    “But whatever it is, we really wish the authorities would take a look at what’s going on in there because we think this facility is much too dangerous to operate.”

    Sullenger claims ambulance crews cooperate with the baby-killing center by killing their sirens when approaching the place in response to a call and turning them back on when they’re a good distance removed from it. Don’t want to get bystanders wondering about the nasty happenings that occur on a regular basis within the walls of that joint.

    “We believe this is because they don’t want to draw attention to the fact,” Sullenger says, “that they are transporting so many women to the hospital from this particular abortion facility.”

    Butts writes the request is not unique for the NYC location: putatively, other abortion clinics keep try to keep volume down when transporting injured patients.

    There sure is a lot of secrecy around this child-snuffing business, isn’t there.

    One thing the pro-aborts definitely don’t want in the headlines: That it’s not just babies who are the physical victims of their sanguinary services.

    H/T: Charlie Butts/OneNewsNow

    Image by alanbatt from Pixabay 

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