• Pigskin Pundit’s Picks: NFL Week #4

    Surge Summary: Game picks for NFL/Week 4. What does it hold as teams continue to figure out each others’ strengths and weaknesses? 

    Pigskin Pundit’s Picks, Week 4

    This week reminded me of that movie, The Replacements, as a plethora of rookie & backup QBs took their places under center in the absence of the established starters.  Carolina, NYG, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Washington, NYJ and Jacksonville all featured replacement signal callers, and we even saw play (too much of it) from Jarrett Stidham.  Early glimpses are often deceiving, as young QBs eager to break into the ranks of the league get off to a fast start, and then fall off as opponents quickly learn their strengths and more particularly, their weak points.  Speaking of strengths and weaknesses, I went 10-6 in last week’s turbulence, and stand at 28-20 for the season.  Here’s the picks.

    Eagles at Packers – Where did the Superbowl Eagles go?  Pederson is a good coach, so why can’t this team be a bit more consistent to reflect that fact?  I don’t think the Packers are necessarily better than Philly, but they will be this week.  Lambeau lambastes the Lammergeyers.

    Chargers at Dolphins – The Bolts will be looking to regain their spark after a home loss to Houston.  This is a good place for any team to reset after a loss, unfortunately for the Phins.  Flores’ Fishies flounder again.  Chargers.

    Patriots at Bills – Nobody thought this game would matter four weeks ago.  But these Bills came due early this season, surprising everyone but themselves.  Allen is progressing, but this week he faces a top-3 D, and mistakes will come at a premium.  Pats D fences in Buffalo’s.

    Chiefs at Lions – Matt Patricia’s big cats are undefeated, as are the Chiefs.  Detroit is scrappy, which I like, but … c’mon.  KC is doing something special, and has more weapons than the Lions have answers.  Claws fall to tomahawks.

    Redskins at Giants – The Giants finally benched Eli Manning, the Ghost of Football Past, and turned to the Ghost of Football to Come, namely Daniel Jones.  But even with the Galloping Ghost Saquon Barkley sidelined, the Giants should have enough punch to overcome Jay Gruden’s discombobulated squad.  Gotham keeps the Skins winless.

    Browns at Ravens – Cleveland is traveling to the home of a good team sick of hearing about…Cleveland.  Hype doesn’t win games, but it can fire up a rising opponent.  Brown & Orange turns Black & Blue in Baltimore.  Ravens say ‘nevermore.’

    Panthers at Texans – Houston needs this home win to prove they aren’t clowns without Clowney in 2019.  They should generate enough Wattage to show Kyle Allen how hot it gets in Houston in September.  Steers trample the cats.

    Titans at Falcons – The Falcs are due for a win at home, and I give them the edge in this battle of 1-2 underachievers.  Ryan is flyin’, or I’m lyin’.

    Raiders at Colts – The revolving receiver door in Oakland has spun again, and Grant was scant and no longer running slants.  The Colts may miss Hilton’s touches in this game, but should still have enough to drive Oakland’s Carr away.  Horseshoes remain lucky.

    Seahawks at Cardinals – The Squawks should fly out of Phoenix with a tan and a win this week, after Bridgewater’s Saints plucked them at home.  The Cardinals have a long way to go, notwithstanding the Murray-to-Fitz express.  Headline will say ‘Seattle slew’.

    Buccaneers at Rams – Famous Jameis is about to hit a stone wall called Rams D, with a resounding smack.  Evans ain’t grabbing 3 td’s in La-La Land.  Buccaneers fail to prevail when they sail to LA.

    Jaguars at Broncos – Jalen Ramsey has a note from Epstein’s mother’s doctor, excusing him from practice and playing this week.  Not a hopeful diagnosis.  But Jax also has Minshew fever, and it is proving to be contagious, so winless Denver may be next to become afflicted with seeing spots … Jags bag a close one in the Rockies.

    Vikings at Bears – Even matchup.  Vikes score more, while DaBears stifle with defense better.  I just don’t know if Chicago can lock Minnesota down for 60 minutes.  Vikes steal a divisional out-of-towner.

    Cowboys at Saints – The Saints showed depth taking a win out of Seattle last week.  Will Dallas show the same kind of maturity in Jambalayaville?  Without Brees, this isn’t quite an even match.  Saints bow to the ‘Boys.

    Bengals at Steelers – The only good thing about this game is somebody is going to win their first game … Monday Night is now Laundry night.  Steelers just ‘cuz they’re home.

    Enjoy the games!

    -PP (Nate Clark)

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