• Police Officer Tragically Slain, Houstonians Expected to Step Up

    Surge Summary: A Houston Sheriff Deputy is murdered during a traffic stop. No doubt, as in the past in situations like this involving slain law enforcement,  the community will rise up to support his widow and three children. 

    Today we Houstonians lost one of our Sheriff Deputies to murder.  Traffic stops are scarier than a Texas chainsaw movie, it takes men and women of real steel to do that part of their job. What makes this particular murder of a LEO so egregious is that Deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal was the first Sikh hired by the department.  He was an Indian-American.  I personally detest hyphenating any American, yet for the sake of this article I will do it.  And while I’m at it, let me just say that “diversity” is NOT our strength, it is in being a melting pot that is our strength.  As long as we see each other as anything more than just an American it creates a distance between each other.

    This murder reminds me of another Indian-American LEO murdered in California, Officer Singh.  Americans were so moved by his callous murder that his fellow Americans gave money to Tunnels to Towers to pay off his widow’s mortgage.  Our Houston Deputy was also married, he had a beautiful wife and three young ones.  I know Houstonians will also embrace his family.

    I’m certain that tonight when his wife finally lays herself down in their bed that she will have his shirts and his pillow, anything that has his scent on them, she will wrap them in her arms and hold tight to these items night after night till they no longer smell like him.  What a hollow feeling that will be when she can’t find anything else in their house that smells like him.

    Good night, sweet prince.

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    Image: Screen shot: https://youtu.be/Xf1kATmDf4E


    Burbsmom is a housewife and mother, a proud "deplorable" and Zionist. After living in two blue states, she and her family are living the dream in a fly-over red-state. She has three grown children who know God, love America and love her great state. She has written for clashdaily.com and dailysurge.com. Life is good. 

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