• Real Life Horror: Doctor Performs Abortion … on Wrong Woman

    Surge Summary: A medical clinic in South Korea has been involved in performing an abortion on a woman – the wrong woman. Police are investigating.

    South Korea has a bit of a reputation for harrowing, ultra-gory horror films. But who needs to go to a theater or download a video when life in that nation serves up a ghastly situation like the one outlined below?

    Tré Goins-Phillips/Faithwire relays this heartbreakingly hideous account:

    Police in South Korea are investigating the recent instance of a doctor performing an abortion … on the wrong patient.

    The details: August 7, a woman six-weeks-pregnant visited a clinic in Seoul’s Gangseo district. A medical mix-up ensued – understatement — there was a failure to confirm her identity, and her pregnancy was wrongfully terminated, according to a report from CNN.

    The woman had actually gone into the clinic for a checkup and a nutritional shot. But a nurse, who failed to check the woman’s medical information, injected her with anesthesia and the physician aborted the wrong patient’s unborn child.

    A police official told CNN both the doctor and the nurse “have acknowledged their fault.” The pregnant woman — a Vietnamese national — did not realize she had undergone an abortion until she started bleeding the day after the termination.

    The nurse and doctor are now being accused of negligence resulting in bodily harm.

    Here’s some ghoulish irony: this tragedy is unfolding as most abortion is still illegal in South Korea — but not for long. It is currently in the process of legalizing abortion. The country’s Constitutional Court declared last April that South Korea must lift its 66-year ban on the practice by the end of 2020. Most abortions have been criminalized since 1953, possibly excepting cases of rape, incest, or genetic disabilities.

    This accidental abortion episode, and the reflexive, visceral reaction it prompts in everyone who hears about it, punches home the humanity of the unborn; the hideousness of killing a child within the womb.

    Could this be a heaven-sent warning-shot across the bow of South Korean lawmakers? Don’t make purposeful and legal what these medical professionals performed carelessly and without authorization!

    South Korea might be moving toward embracing abortion as a “women’s right,” but the tragedy of this case — the unintentional termination of a mother’s unborn baby — makes clear that, despite those who claim a fetus is just a clump of cells, the woman was actually carrying a human life in her womb.

    And for that, her doctor and our pro-abortion culture will be responsible.

    H/T: Tré Goins-Phillips/Faithwire

    Image adapted from: Karen Smits from Pixabay

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