• Religion of Climate Change Wants to Shoulder Aside the Real Thing

    Surge Summary: Having abandoned actual, Christian faith, the secular Left – and many Democrats – have cobbled together a sort-of religion out of the environmental movement – and they expect everyone to demonstrate the proper piety toward its demands.

    Erick Erickson poses a piercing question:

    How many poor people in third world countries must die for rich, white progressives to sleep well at night?

    He then elaborates:

    The left views air conditioning as a danger that would terrorize the world if poor Africans could afford to cool themselves at night. These Africans are already forced to die of malaria so white progressives in Europe and North America can feel good about no chemicals being sprayed to kill mosquitos.

    Now, as we see, it’s electric cars that have caught Democratic politicians’ fancy. They want everyone to drive them for the climate’s sake

    Unless those cars have poles, like some trains, that tap into overhead power lines, they will run on batteries. The batteries on which they will run cause mass pollution and chemical ponds. Getting lithium and other rare earth minerals is not a clean affair.

    But rich, white progressives will be able to sleep well at night.

    It doesn’t stop there: When animals pass gas – literally – methane is released upward. That’s supposedly deadly for the environment. So, how many cows have to be slaughtered? How many livestock yards shut down, how many farmers unemployed?

    This is all because progressives have replaced true religion with a new religion — a secular variety. They worship creation and sacrifice to Moloch just as tribes did thousands of years ago. Babies must be slaughtered to save the world now [See Bernie Sanders latest concession] just as then. People must sacrifice now, just as then.

    “Frankly,” continues Erickson,

    this is one reason I believe Christianity is true. In a post-Christian, secular society we are not seeing new ideas and new religion cropping up. We are seeing very old — several thousand year old — pagan rites and rituals crop back up.

    What was very old is now very new. The lesser people of less developed continents will be steamrolled by the rich, white people in a new colonizing effort. This effort will be to take the lands and minerals needed to fund “clean energy” while keeping the third world countries decidedly third world.

    Erickson fingers it as the “racism of rich, white progressives.” They convince themselves by keeping poor people stuck in poverty in order to keep them from accessing air conditioning, they are actually doing good in the world.

    I do not care about climate change. The left only cares because they need some new doctrines and orthodoxies to replace the religions they are abandoning. Climate change is not an issue of reality, but an issue of rhetoric designed to find and eliminate heretics.

    If the Democrats really, truly cared, they’d be first in line to give up their burgers, their plane tickets, and quite possibly their lives — all to spare the world more carbon.

    Instead, they want the bully pulpits, the wagyu beef, and the private jets to tell the rest of us to do as they say, not as they do.

    I don’t care about climate change because it is very clear the left does not care about it except as a political weapon with which they can scare kids and bully opponents and keep poor third world countries in heat, mosquitos, and squalor.

    But then we should expect no less from the very people who adopt the arguments of slave owners to defend killing children.

    It’s one reason Leftist sanctimony is so insufferable: snuff out the babies in the womb, that’s part of the solution to this era’s dilemmas, they preach! But don’t you dare drive a car or goose your thermostat degree or two upward or eat too much meat, etc., etc. That would be intolerable.

    H/T: Erick Erickson/The Resurgent

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