• Repulsive: Edward Snowden Is Symptomatic of His Millennial Generation

    by Nathan Clark

    Surge Summary: American traitor Edward Snowden is reflective of his millennial generation: it’s all about him. The facts of his crime don’t really matter; it’s his intentions that should be the focus of any criminal proceedings against him.

    NSA traitor Edward Snowden placed his own personal motivations above the law of the United States.  Now he wants to come ‘home’ from self-imposed exile in Russia to face a court of his own choosing and a ‘jury’ that suits his purposes, and plead his case.  He is a classic example of the rampant narcissism of his generation, justifying the laws he broke and the national security he compromised based on his ‘intentions’ being good….to him, at least.  All the while he rejects the rule of law and wants instead to impose a criterion that will judge his motives, rather than his actions.  John Dillinger would have died of shame, using such an argument.

    There’s an old saying about the road to perdition being paved with ‘good intentions’ ….and we have heard this kind of rat poison before, from despots, communists and fascists who left millions of innocents dead on their way to building a ‘better world’.  We have also heard it from liberal (and a few conservative) politicians who enacted ‘well-intended’ legislation that not only failed to accomplish the intended good, but backfired, creating huge costly messes, violated individual rights, and accomplished much more damage than any possible good.  This is referred to as the ‘law of unintended consequences’, and we have a Constitution, Bill of Rights, and a system of checks and balances to protect each and all of us from foolish and dangerous actions by others.

    Snowden’s whiney self-justification is the bastard child of Liberalism’s auto-erotic view of themselves as the moral superiors in any group, and the Millennials’’ unfounded but fanatically strident self-importance.  It is the continual mantra we hear screeched by the likes of AOC and others who have no accomplishments nor earned merits to their credit, but who’s battle cry is ‘My intentions are better than yours, so my methods are justified.’  Pure Machiavellian horsebleep, centuries old but served up fresh and steaming.

    Note to AOC; you’re NOT the boss.  You’re not even the boss’s handmaiden.  Speaker Pelosi showed you what real political power looks like when she banished your busy Brooklyn backside to an obscure congressional committee after you challenged her authority.

    In an interview with CBS’ Gayle King, Snowden said ‘his biggest issue with standing trial in the U.S. is that the government won’t allow the jury to consider his motivations.’  He refers several times to a ‘fair trial’, but then he tips his Millennial/Liberal hand, when he says “We don’t want people thrown in prison without the jury being able to decide whether what they did was right or wrong.”

    Saint Edward the Self-Righteous goes on further to say, “Essentially, the most important fact to the government…is that they do not want the jury to be able to consider the motivations…Why I did what I did.  Was it better for the United States?  Did it benefit us or did it cause harm?  They don’t want the jury to consider that at all.  They want the jury to strictly consider whether these actions were lawful or unlawful, not whether they were right or wrong.  And I’m sorry, but that defeats the purpose of a jury trial.”

    Edward, American juries don’t get to decide whether what people do is right or wrong.  That’s what legislators do when writing the laws.  Juries decide whether people acted in violation of the law, or not, based on the FACTS presented, not the FEELINGS.  Juries aren’t the arbiters of right and wrong.  This is textbook Millennial narcissism.

    It still doesn’t matter to Snowden that people may have been killed or perilously compromised by his decision to expose U.S. intelligence community methods.  It doesn’t matter to him that real enemies of our state (and our lifestyles and freedoms) may have been gifted with a huge cache of competitive information on how our society is protected daily behind the scenes…how terrorist plots on our soil are thwarted before anyone gets hurt….and how those committed to destroying you and me are being detected and monitored.  What matters to Edward is that Edward is morally justified in what he did, and he wants a carefully selected jury of his sympathetic peers to validate his treason.  He ‘meant well’, so he’s in the clear.

    Whatever you or I may think about the data collection methods used by our government, and there is honest debate to be had on that subject, Snowden’s unilateral actions based on his self-exalted sense of right and wrong can only be categorized as treasonous.  He violated all of us, because he valued his own feelings above all else.  He should stay right there in his Russian paradise, because he doesn’t deserve anything so precious as U.S. justice.

    The views expressed here are the author’s and not necessarily those of Daily Surge.
    Image: Adapted from: Freedom of the Press Foundation – Freedom of the Press Foundation, CC BY 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=35240261
    Nathan Clark is a conservative commentator who resides with his wife in New Hampshire. He is passionate about preserving the vision of our nation’s Founders and advancing those tried and true principles deep into America’s future. His interests range broadly from flyfishing, cooking and shooting to pro sports, gardening, live music and fine-scale modeling.

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