• Such Courage! Kamala Harris Confronts America’s Meat-Eating Crisis

    Surge Summary: Democratic Presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris admits that, yes, the U.S. Government needs to do more to convince people to stop eating so much meat; in the process, uncovering insights into her and her party’s thinking.

    Kamala Harris, not down with the carnivores?

    This exchange is disturbing on several levels.

    During what was supposed to be a sober political event (a CNN “Town Hall” with Kamal Harris) these people spent over nine minutes kibitzing about America’s meat-eating problem? Discussing what government should be doing to trim back our fellow citizens’ beef consumption?!?

    Look, if Washington, D.C. wants to educate folks on the importance of a balanced diet, offer nutritional guidelines, encourage the ingesting of more fruits and vegetables via the periodic public service announcement? Okay, I guess. (Although aren’t there more pressing – explicitly constitutional – matters on which our elected officials ought to be focusing?)

    I also appreciate that Sen. Harris admits in this exchange – albeit conspicuously tentatively — there are some areas the government might not be able to legitimately intrude. It’s nearly always refreshing – and unexpected – when a liberal shakes her head at an opportunity for more bureaucratic interference.

    “The balance that we have to strike here, frankly, is about what government can and should do around creating incentives and then banning certain behaviors,” she nervously concedes.

    Then again, notwithstanding those cautionary notes, who really believes, if we are living under a President Kamala Harris three, five, seven years from now, she and her administration will abide by those limits?

    Perhaps the most disconcerting element of this discussion is the California lawmaker’s tone at one juncture: she’s openly apologetic about eating meat. She and the moderator both strike a confessional, I-admit-I’m-guilty attitude about … eating an “occasional” cheeseburger?

    It’s fleetingly pathetic, really. It reveals a lot about the thinking of this candidate and her party. And it’s alarming that two adults would allow themselves to be cowed – yes, pun intentional – into acting culpable because they enjoy a delicious hamburger once in a while.

    This is where Leftism brings a society, weather by government diktat or Progressive social pressures.

    As Erick Erickson has pointed out, the Left is replacing solid, old-fashioned Christian faith with a kind of ersatz, Washington, D.C.-based “religion”, with its own set of commandments, sins and pieties.

    One of them, we are discovering? Cheeseburgers: bad!

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    Image (Burger) Adapted from:  RitaE from Pixabay 

    Image: (Kamala Harris) Adapted from: California National Guard – Oct. 14 Press Conference, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=65241095

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