• Transgender Sues Catholic Hospital — Just Another Day of LGBTQ Bullying

    Surge Summary: A woman who “identifies” as a man is suing a Roman Catholic hospital for refusing to perform an unnecessary hysterectomy on her. Is that proof enough that things have gone too far?

    For those stubborn observers out there who aren’t convinced things have conspicuously spun completely out of orbit on the LBGTQ-uber alles front, I present Exhibit A:

    Tré Goins-Phillips/Faithwire passes along:

    A woman in Sacramento who identifies as a transgender man – that is, a female pretending to be a male and expecting the rest of society to play along with her — is suing a Catholic hospital for cancelling — and immediately attempting to help her reschedule — her hysterectomy.

    According to the Catholic News Agency, Evan Minton, who was born a woman – and remains one! –but identifies as male, reinstated the lawsuit after a California appeals court overturned a lower court ruling last week.

    Minton was scheduled to undergo a procedure at Mercy San Juan Medical Center in Carmichael to remove her uterus, but the hospital canceled the procedure after learning the patient was transgender and pursuing the hysterectomy as part of treatment for gender dysphoria.

    Such surgery would violate the Catholic Institutions’ Catholic convictions – so they opted to take a pass on being involved with it. Nonetheless …

    Dignity Health, the medical system that operates the hospital, arranged for Minton to move forward with the hysterectomy at Methodist Hospital in south Sacramento within 72 hours of the Catholic hospital’s cancellation, according to The Sacramento Bee. In fact, Minton’s surgeon, Dr. Lindsey Dawson, told The Bee that officials with Dignity Health assisted her in getting emergency privileges at Methodist so she could perform Minton’s surgery there.

    Bluntly, kudos to the hospital for trying to demonstrate their good will to this lady, but do they believe her plans are morally wrong or don’t they? If the former, then why are they ushering her along to another facility which will help her electively disfigure herself? If they oppose body-mutilating transgender procedures, they should politely but firmly decline to participate and move along. No apology required or groveling semi-consent required.

    Unhappy with the way the Catholic hospital handled the situation, Minton has argued the medical center violated the Unruh Civil Rights Act, a piece of California legislation that states businesses must offer full and equal treatment to all residents, regardless of sexual orientation or any other identifying characteristic.

    So, if I’m reading this properly, making someone feel unhappy because you express disagreement with their lifestyle choices is now grist for litigation and, presumably, a mondo cash windfall from the offending party?

    The aforementioned law, by the way, supposedly offers religious protection.

    Dignity Health released a statement in response to this set-to: The Catholic hospital, they explain, doesn’t perform sterilizing procedures on any patient, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Why not? The Roman Catholic faith – as is pretty universally known — opposes any form of artificial birth control.

    “Catholic hospitals do not perform sterilizing procedures such as hysterectomies for any patient regardless of their gender identity, unless there is a serious threat to the life or health of the patient,” the statement read. “Courts have repeatedly recognized the right of faith-based hospitals not to provide services based on their religious principles. … In this case, Mr. Minton was able to quickly receive the sought-after procedure at another nearby Dignity Health hospital that is not Catholic-affiliated.”

    (Note: in its efforts to be as accommodating as possible, the hospital even linguistically went along with this woman’s transgender charade: They refer to her as “Mr. Minton”.)

    Anyway, agree or disagree with this anti-birth control feature of the Catholic faith, the health facility is being consistent and, under the First Amendment last time I checked, well within its rights to abstain from involvement in this troubled individual’s self-destructive life-plan.

    Nevertheless, the American Civil Liberties Union, — you just knew they had to be skulking around somewhere in this mess, didn’t you — which is representing Minton, have mischaracterized the Catholic hospital’s reasoning for pulling back from her medical procedure.

    That is, the never-say-die Leftist cohort lied about the hospital’s motivations.

    It is illegal for hospitals that are open to the general public in California to turn away patients simply because they are transgender.

    Today, we are in court in San Francisco behalf of Evan Minton, a man who was denied a hysterectomy by @DignityHealth. https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/evk34n/denied-medical-care-transgender-lawsuit …

    (Note: they also lied about their client: he isn’t “a man”.)

    In his decision last week, Justice Stuart Pollack similarly passed along a falsehood about Mercy San Juan Medical Center, to wit:

     “Denying a procedure as treatment for a condition that affects only transgender persons supports an inference that Dignity Health discriminated against Minton based on his gender identity,” he said in his ruling.

    National Review’s David French, accused liberal states of

    “attempting to use expansive nondiscrimination to coerce religious institutions to violate their religious principles as a condition for providing charitable or commercial services in their states.”

    He urged the U.S. Supreme Court “to step up and draw a line in the sand,” adding governments should “encroach no farther on the constitutional liberty of religious institutions.”

    French is spot on: the High Court’s action is inarguably necessary because the LGBTQ folk, who disgracefully used to be mercilessly harassed and picked on, have hijacked government agencies to become the ones doing the harassing and picking-on for them.

    If the case of Evan Minton doesn’t make that evident, what will?

    H/T: Tré Goins-Phillips/Faithwire

    Image: Screen shot:  https://www.facebook.com/MercySanJuanMedicalCenterCarmichael/videos/ 379255729433225/

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