• Wanna Prevent a Potential Murderer? Raise Your Child Properly

    One of my favorite TV channels is Investigation Discovery. I’m passionate for my murder shows, which my husband can’t stand, but as a one-time psychology major I relish to know what makes people tick.  So, frequently, when watching a series called Evil Lives Here, I often view it thru the lens of the Bible — of how the person who God has put in charge as the head-of-household has miserably failed his family!  This article is a dovetail to another article I wrote about women wanting men, real men.

    A father’s job is to chase foolishness out of a child’s heart, Proverbs 22:15.  And how do you do that?  By the ‘rod of correction’ on their backside. (spanking the behind is not child abuse) Yet, raising children without doing it God’s way, based on biblical knowledge, is truly child abuse.

    As I started to say, while watching a recent episode…. I started to spit nails seeing this ridiculously weak father dealing with his 9-ish year old brat.  I couldn’t get to my computer quick enough to start writing this.  This parent said that he had noticed that there was an intense “edge of anger” his son had from the start of life that the other siblings didn’t.  He found disciplining didn’t effect the future murderer “because he didn’t care.”

    Well, if you had disciplined God’s way he would have cared.  A butt-hurt is a true and real motivation for changing actions and behavior.  So, in this scene, the little son is told it’s time to get ready for bed but he wouldn’t stop playing.  Then the useless leader gives him the proverbial count of three.  Parents don’t do this!  You should expect first time obedience.

    Then the young child finishes the 2, 3 count out loud himself and tells weak dad I want to continue playing.  The father says his son yelled at him and kept talking back and wouldn’t calm down, so obviously this child knew what he could get away with.  Weak dad threatens to take his toys out of the bedroom, his son says, “I don’t care take the toys”.  Anyhow, the story goes on to a sickening maze of poor leadership and impotent fathering.

    Now does this mean that every child who lacks discipline is a future murderer?  Of course not; in this particular story there were two other siblings who apparently turned out fine.

    Yet, had this particular father and a plethora of others dealt biblically from their child’s beginning, things would have turned out differently.

    God’s word is a sure foundation… Isaiah 33:6

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge. 

    Image: adapted from: Gisela Merkuur from Pixabay 


    Burbsmom is a housewife and mother, a proud "deplorable" and Zionist. After living in two blue states, she and her family are living the dream in a fly-over red-state. She has three grown children who know God, love America and love her great state. She has written for clashdaily.com and dailysurge.com. Life is good. 

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