• What Will This Week Reveal? Pigskin Pundit’s Picks: Week Two

    Surge Summary: Pigskin Pundits thoughts and predictions for this week’s NFL contests. 

    by Pigskin Pundit


    Week One is always interesting, as we get to see who had good off-season prepping and who is still trying to make pieces fit and form a new identity, after losing some players and picking up others.  Week Two is a continuation of that process, and we’ll know better by Week 4 which teams are contenders and which are pretenders.  So, forget the big wins and losses this week.  I went 11-5 last week.  Let’s look at this week’s matchups.

    Bucs at Panthers – Tampa didn’t look as good as I thought they would, dropping the opener in Frisco.  Carolina looked pretty good against a first-rate defense.  Cats scratch the pirates.

    Cardinals at Baltimore – Murray-to-Fitz looked good last week, but Action Jackson and his Blackbirds are going to be too much to handle when the feathers fly in the Ravens’ haven.

    Eagles at Falcons – Atlanta needs to find an identity they can build wins with.  They have a very good QB and receivers, yet continue to underperform.  Philly showed resilience last week, and they will again this week.  Eagles soar.

    Bills at NYG – Western NY comes to Gotham the second week in a row, but THIS opponent is no J-E-T-S.  While not fully jelled, the Giants are still more talented than the Bills, and ready for their first win.  Giants put ‘paid’ to the Bills.

    Bears at Broncos – Denver is a proud franchise on hard times, rebuilding.  But they are always tough as hell to beat at home.  The Bears looked much worse than they are last week, but I don’t think one week of practice is enough to smooth out the sloppiness.  Orange crushes.

    Niners at Bengals – Hoo boy, a tough one.  Niners aren’t that good yet, and the fading Bengals are home.  Edge goes to the striped cats.

    Cowboys at Redskins – The Skins played pretty solid last week, so there’s life in the Beltway.  Dallas is considered a serious deep playoff threat this season.  In this week’s rendition of Cowboys & Indians, I’m afraid bullets beat bows.

    Chargers at Lions – The Chargers are missing Hunter & Williams this week, which significantly trims their vaunted aerial attack.  If the Lions can bring the heat, they may dry up Rivers’ passing lanes.  Motor City short-circuits the high voltage.

    Vikings at Packers – GB was better than da Bears last week, when they found some defense.  They are not better than the Vikes, on either side of the ball, even if the Packer Backers hold off doing the wave in Mr. Rodgers’ neighborhood.  Purple Powerhouse punches plunging Packers.

    Jags at Texans – The Jags have no luck, losing their new QB last week.  Houston is ready to make some divisional noise at home.  Bortles chortles as his old club gets clubbed again this week.

    Colts at Titans – The Horseshoes gave the Electrocuters all they could handle last week, despite the retirement of Andrew Luck.  This divisional battle looks to be a grinder with two rising teams, and Brissett is the question mark.  Titans frighten Brissett, and the Colts bolt.

    Chiefs at Raiders – Okay Oakland, nice start.  Perhaps you’re not Raiders of the Lost Cause after all.  Now, try THIS team on for size.  Mahomes could beat you with a sprained ankle…and he will.  KC makes KFC out of Black & Silver.

    Saints at Rams – NFC stands for No Flipping Call.  Let’s see who’s the last team standing this time.  I have to go with the better QB.  A strong Brees blows the smog out of LA.

    Patriots at Dolphins – New England finds ways to lose in Miami (5 of last 6 there), but the defending champs will have to look extra hard, after both teams’ performances last week.  Minutemen feast on fried Fish.

    Seahawks at Steelers – Squawks barely outlasted Cincy at home, and the Steelers are badly dented after getting hammered by New England.  They are firing up the forges in Steel City, and I think roasted foul is on the menu this week.  Pittsburgh plucks the Seahawks.

    Browns at NYJ – Well, Tuesday night is Laundry Night according to the new ad campaign, but we’re all watching to see what comes out in the wash this Monday.  Will Cleveland become the team that threatens the order in the AFC North, or will they find a way to continue being Cleveland forever?  If they don’t beat these Jets, I have my answer.  Kitchens cooks up a win.

    Enjoy the games!

    -PP (Nathan Clark)

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