• What’s the Deal with Progressives’ Recent Passion for Potty-Mouthed Prattling?

    Surge Summary: Leftists and Democratic politicians have been awfully foul-mouthed lately.  For those paying attention to their policies, it probably shouldn’t be too big a surprise, but it’s still bad for society. 

    Another week, another profanity-larded screed from the ranks of high-profile Leftists. Seems like they’ve been on quite a sewer-mouthed tear lately.

    Consider the recent death of David Koch. It afforded opportunity for more than one “Progressive” blowhard to not only obscenely deride the billionaire philanthropist, but to run revoltingly roughshod over his mourners’ grief as well.

    Smirking comedian Bill Maher garnered the most attention with his late-August Koch vilification.

    “He and his brother have done more than anybody to fund climate science deniers for decades,” the HBO talk host said of Koch. “So, f–k him … I’m glad he’s dead, and I hope the end was painful.”

    Not to be outdone in the scabrous department, songstress Bette Midler tweet-screeched her venom about the Libertarian industrialist’s passing. First, she openly wished death on his surviving brother Charles — another “#GlobalWarming culprit” in her book. That was followed by her cesspool response to Heritage Foundation President Kay Coles James’ message of condolence: “With all due respect, Ms. James, f*ck you.”

    Then there’s Young Turks Network ‘s Hasan Piker who, around the same time, uncorked a filthy torrent against Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX). The wounded Afghan veteran/congressman had dared offer a U.S. foreign policy opinion or two with which Piker venomously disagreed. So, perforce, during Piker’s Twitch Livestream the f-bombs and other four-letter colorations erupted — a hyperventilating spiel foul enough to make a Martin Scorcese film blush.

    “America deserved 9/11, dude, f– it. I’m saying it. … Like, we f–ing totally brought it on ourselves, dude, holy s–. Look at the way that this dips—t is running his f–ing mouth, justifying genocide right now.”

    In a separate video releaseThe Breakdown host rolled repulsively onward:

    “This guy has the understanding of foreign policy of, like, a 12-year-old. Didn’t he go to war and, like, literally lose his eye because some mujahideen — a brave f–ing soldier — f–ed his eye hole with their [expletive]?”

    Hoo-boy. Cicero this guy ain’t.

    How’s about Chris Cuomo? Mere weeks past, the liberal CNN host turned in a captured-on-video study in scurrility while responding to a taunting bystander. Stipulated, the mocker behaved like a jerk. But the TV personality’s comeback? An extended cartoon version of f-word stuffed verbal effluence. (Kudos to a mortified Cuomo for promptly apologizing — via Twitter — for the vile scene.)

    And, whoever can forget actor — and unequivocal Leftist — Robert DeNiro’s infamous “F**k, Trump” double-barrel blast at 2018’s Tony Awards?

    In the wake of Odessa, TX’s murderous gun rampage, Democratic presidential aspirant Beto O’Rourke crassly trotted out the f-bursts, both to a crowd of Virginia voters and, for those who might have missed the tasteless live-version, via Twitter.

    Apropos of this, J. Clara Chan (The Wrap) passes along this tidbit,

    Earlier this month, after yet another mass shooting, Beto O’Rourke released his campaign’s latest T-shirt — a dark gray shirt with the blunt message: “This is f*cked up. This is f*cked up. This is f*cked up. This is f*cked up. This is f*cked up. This is f*cked up.” In a smaller-sized font was the phrase, “End gun violence now.”

    Following his fuming pledge in September 12th’s Democratic presidential debate that, “H*ll, yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47,” O’Rourke’s campaign also started hawking “HELL YES WE’RE GOING TO TAKE YOUR AR-15” shirts/$30 per copy

    This, mind you, from a forty-six-year-old adult who aspires to the honorific: “Leader of the Free World”.

    Chan further outs Democratic presidential candidates Cory Booker, Andrew Yang and Bernie Sanders for publicly employing, not the term that rhymes with “truck”, but some lesser oaths during recent appearances. Even Kirsten Gillibrand, according to Newsweek‘s Alexander Nazaryan, is on-the-record — twice during one New York University speech alone — trotting out f-intensifiers for general consumption.

    It’s now been revealed that preceding last Thursday’s Democratic pageant, host network ABC reminded participants that FCC guidelines requires them to “avoid cursing or expletives”. Such is the reputation of the Donkey Party’s current crop of White House hopefuls.

    Then again, what can you expect from a coalition whose bread-and-butter issues fixate on baby-killing, sexual profligacy, marriage-mangling and persistently nudging any God-influence out of the public arena? (See the Democratic National Convention’s recent enraptured celebration of atheism and religious “non-alignment”.) When you’re stumping fervidly for slaughtering unborn human beings or against the millennia-honored definition of matrimony? Hey, what’s a little feculent language?

    What’s evident is, for all the jabber about “comprehensive healthcare”, “civil rights” and “dignity and diversity for all”, Progressives don’t especially like actual human beings. They have a contempt for their fellow man, particularly those who have the impudence to express discomfort with Leftism’s statist and godless impulses. It’s a vitriol of an extraordinarily baleful sort; not merely biting, but truly vicious, malignant. Throughout the twentieth-century, their Marxist compadres confirmed as much; to the tune of approximately one-hundred million people eradicated, according to 1997’s The Black Book of Communism. Some tallies actually exceed that total, placing the Commie’s butcher’s bill closer to one-hundred-fifty million.

    So: between one-hundred and one-hundred-fifty-million victims …  and counting, I’d add.

    Columnist David Harsanyi styles today’s socialism/big-government cheerleaders “lightweight authoritarians” — as good a descriptor as any. They’re Marxists’ ideological cousins and don’t hesitate pushing people around when they deem it necessary. Their disdain for those who fail to accommodate their bullying schemes is visible; or in this case, scorchingly audible. And they’re multiplyingly popular here in the West.

    Is it too much to ask those interminably in the spotlight to express themselves with a bit of restraint and gentility? Particularly those situated behind the levers of governmental power?

    OneNewsNow‘s Michael Haverluck writes,

    “According to a 2018 analysis by GovPredict – a government research company – the number of potty-mouthed politicians in the U.S. on social media [is] on the rise,” [HuffPost‘s Dominique Mosbergen] noted.

    In fact, a graph provided by GovPredict reflecting the number of times politicians used certain choice expletives on social media was nearly 30 times higher in 2018 (2,419 times) than it was just a few years earlier in 2014 (83 times).

    (I’d wager the proportion of Democrats/Liberals reflected in that data outweighs that of their conservative opposite numbers.)

    It’s not healthy for a society when their leaders – or potential leaders — communicate this way. The fish really does rot from the smut-spewing head down.

    “Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth, but what is good for necessary edification, that it may impart grace to the hearers,” exhorts the apostle (Ephesians 4:29/NKJV); expanding a few sentences later: “[N]either filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor coarse jesting, which are not fitting, but rather giving of thanks (Ephesians 5:4).

    Warning to my fellow conservatives: Strength does not automatically equal brutishness or harshness. Or debased verbiage.

    Our side generally conducts itself with more class on this score – but in this era’s steel-cage-death-match political environment, the president, his supporters, miscellaneous Republicans and small government traditionalists in general can have their language lapses, as well. These are distractions from whatever laudable points are being conveyed. And they affront the principles which, supposedly, Judeo-Christian-valuing patriots are otherwise representing.

    “Patriotism” and “profanity” both start with the letter “p”. Other than that? They shouldn’t have anything in common.

    The views expressed here are the author’s and not necessarily those of Daily Surge.
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    Image: Adapted from: By Threeboy from Richmond, Canada – Jay & Trey Cartoon Swearing, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=48844951

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