• A Two-Fer: Medical Breakthrough! And No Harvesting of Unborn Children Necessary

    Surge Summary: More benefits of adult stem cell research – as opposed to the abortion-centric alternative – are coming to light. So why the emphasis on the latter as opposed to the former?

    Needful Newsflash! Use of adult stem cells continues to prove valuable in treating serious medical conditions.

    Note: adult stem cells are the variety that is not derived from aborted unborn children.

    These stem cells can be obtained from the human body and have now been successful in treating and reversing a central nervous system disorder called Neuromyelitis optica (NMO) that primarily affects the eye nerves (optic neuritis) and the spinal cord (myelitis).

    OneNewsNow’s Charlie Butts writes,

    Usually within a few years, more than half of the patients who treat the disorder with drugs go blind and cannot walk. But Dr. David Prentice of the Charlotte Lozier Institute tells OneNewsNow Dr. Richard Burt of Northwestern University has used adult stem cells to successfully treat a dozen patients with the condition.

    “10 of the 12 patients five years after a single treatment with adult stem cells are still without any need for any drugs or any kind of treatment,” Dr. Prentice reports.

    Again, only two of the patients had to return to drug treatment. Ten of them are in remission according to the study which was published in the Neurology journal.

    That’s impressive. And it boasts the added plus of happening without having to cannibalize pre-born babies!

    “This is just another evidence that adult stem cells are the gold standard for stem cells, now treating over two million patients around the globe for dozens of different conditions,” says Dr. Prentice.

    Charlotte Lozier Institute profiles this case and many others like it. On the other hand, research involving human embryos has yet to produce any success in treating medical conditions.

    So why is the latter technology the focus of the lion’s share of attention in the scientific community and mainstream media? What is it about abortion that thrills a certain subset of the American population? Are “pro-choicers” so desperate to find justification for their soulless that they’ll even sacrifice medical and scientific integrity in order to manufacture it?

    H/T: OneNewsNow/Charlie Butts

    Image by Herney Gómez from Pixabay 

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