• Another Surprising NFL Week? Pigskin Pundit’s Predictions, Week #6

    Surge Summary: This NFL season is turning out to be increasingly unpredictable. Will Week #6 continue that pattern? Pigskin Pundit offers his thoughts. 

    Pigskin Pundit’s Pick, week #6

    I don’t know if Pete Rozelle hoped for THIS kind of league parity, where most teams can win or lose a home or away game with a starting or backup quarterback for no apparent, predictable reason.  At this point in the season, a chimp with a dartboard could pick as accurately as any analyst, including this one.  I went a dismal 7-8 last week, and my season mark is 42-36.  Pass the bananas.

    Giants at Patriots – The Giants celebrate Halloween early, by bringing a skeleton crew into stormy Foxboro Thursday night.  With no Barkley, Gallman, Engram or Shepard, this team will be a ghost of its current self.  Pats vanquish the walking dead at home.

    Redskins at Miami – Keeping with the Halloween theme, it’s the Lazarus Bowl, to see which winless specter can rise from the NFL graveyard.  Will the Deadskins be jolted to life by a coaching change, or will the rotting Dolphins stop floating belly-up at home?  Edge goes to the DC D.   Redskins regroup on the road.

    Eagles at Vikings – Two 3-2 teams, both showing improvement.  While Dalvin ‘Cooks’ up big ground gains, Diggs & Thielen put points up for the Purples.  In Philly, Wentz is clicking and Fletcher Cox is making life warm in the opposing backfield.  Close one, and Philly can win on the road…. but my gut tells me Purple prevails.

    Bengals at Ravens – The dumpster fire that is the Bengals does not match up well with Lamar’s Ravens.  Harbaugh will have his mobile offense ready to tear another stripe off these toothless tigers.  Ravens hang a new pelt on the wall this week.

    Seahawks at Browns – Baker Mayfield needs to start performing on the field, or else he will be mowing it like those dumb commercials.  Nobody cares about your ‘brand’ when you stink.  The Serious Seahawks are circling Cleveland, and they have their sharp eyes on another Super Bowl.  A win in Kitchens’ kitchen will move them closer.  Wilson schools Mayfield on winning.

    Saints at Jaguars – The Jags pass defense is iffy, with Ramsey a likely scratch and other D-backs fighting nagging injuries.  The octane level of the Saints makes this an uphill battle for Marrone, as anything less than 100% on D ain’t beating the Saints.  Teddy BridgeOverTroubledWater carries Peyton to victory once more.

    Texans at Chiefs – These two QBs are the real rising stars in the NFL.  Everybody knows Houston is better than their record.  When Tyreek the Freak returns, the Chiefs will add a dimension to their offense few teams have any answer for.  Houston doesn’t have it.  Indians beat the cowboys at Arrowhead.

    Falcons at Cardinals – Atlanta is another team better than their record.  This week they prove it at Arizona.

    Niners at Rams – The Rams have proven to be better on paper than the field this season, while the undefeated Niners have done the opposite, so this California Clash will prove interesting.  Shanahan’s O-line is a formidable counterpunch to LA’s pass rush, and I think the QBs are a wash.  Bosa will be poaching Goff’s pocket.  I like SF to remain unbeaten.

    Titans at Broncos – The Titans’ weakness is their O-line, exposing Mariota to frequent mouthfuls of turf, compliments of Von Miller and other Orange Crushers.  Derrick Henry is potent, if he can get room.  Trouble is, so is Phillip Lindsay, and the Titans’ run defense is porous.  Ponies prance at home.

    Cowboys at Jets – The Kissing Bandit suffers an ignoble return from his amorous adventures, as the Cowboys put the spurs to the grounded Jets.  Joan Jett or Benny & the Jets would have a better chance against Dallas.

    Steelers at Chargers – Tomlin always puts a competitive product on the field, and last week Anthony Lynn let a winless Denver team come here and beat his Hall of Fame QB.  But Devlin Hodges isn’t Joe Flacco, or even Mason Rudolph.  ‘Nuff said.  Bolts go nuts.

    Lions at Packers – Blue-collar, smashmouth, rust-belt football at its best.  The Lions have stiffened up and played better ball under Patricia this season, beating Philly on the road and playing the mighty Chiefs tough in a 4-point loss.  They just had a bye week to rest up…. but the Packers are rekindling old glory again this season, and beating good teams along the way.  Lions roar, but Packers score.

    Enjoy the games!

    -Pigskin Pundit (Nate Clark)

    The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge. 

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