• Battle Lines: Forces in N. Ireland Poised to Say “No!” to Abortion, SSM

    Surge Summary: As the British Parliament is poised to impose abortion and same-sex marriage on Norther Ireland, one politician foresees a potentially ugly response from the people of that country.

    A Christian leader in Northern Ireland is expressing fears about what awaits if England’s Parliament gets its way with his nation on two controversial issues.

    OneNewsNow’s Charlie Butts reports:

    The British Parliament has voted to force abortion and homosexual marriage on Northern Ireland, which is in year three without a government, if it does not form a government by October 21 (such measures would likely go into effect next March.)

    Jim Dowson, who heads the conservative Christian group, the Knights Templar International, in the United Kingdom, condemns the parliamentary movement to legalize unbiblical practices.

    “We have militias of 30,000 men with guns, so it’s not a normal society,” Dowson told OneNewsNow. “So, if you want to go about killing off the babies, I think you’re either a very foolish man or a very, very brave man, but let’s hope either way, your life insurance is paid up and the policies are at hand.”

    Stressing that he is not in favor of violence, the right-wing leader comments, nonetheless, that Northern Ireland is a unique country.

    “I would not condemn people for taking the law in their own hands because we should obey God’s law first, and if you kill children, you’re acting out what any formal law that I can think of that is sane, that is moral, and is in the benefit of the people,” Dowson clarified.

    A slender majority of citizens in Britain are against abortion according to a poll conducted by LucidTalk.

    The country can nullify the pro-abortion and homosexual marriage proposals – but only if it forms a new government – by next week. Gulp. Let’s be praying that step occurs, versus any kind of violent conflict.

    Meanwhile, this dilemma reminds us that godless, bullying government isn’t restricted to some sectors of Democrat-dominated America. And that opposition to same can be found around the world.

    H/T: OneNewsNow’s Charlie Butts

    Image: “A Pro Life Rally For Life In Dublin – Organised By Belfast Based “Precious Life”; Creative Commons; CC by-SA 2.0 https://www.flickr.com/photos/infomatique/5894897510

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