• Could Be Historic: Will Supremes Decide LGBTQ ‘Rights’ Squash Those of Christians?

    Surge Summary: The Supreme Court heard two cases this week concerning “LGBTQ rights” issues. The implications for homosexuals and for traditional Christians could be huge.

    It didn’t get much attention, but Tuesday the Supreme Court heard arguments involving two potentially significant LGBT cases, which could end up granting more power to homosexuals and transgenders when it comes to employment matters. The pivotal issue is whether the justices will rule in a way that applies federal civil rights law to an individual’s sexual orientation.

    The Associate Press explains:

    In the first case, Chief Justice John Roberts wondered, if the court finds that sexual orientation is covered by civil rights law, whether there should be exemptions for employers with sincerely held religious beliefs.

    Roberts is considered a possible swing vote on the issue.

    Meanwhile, Justice Neil Gorsuch introduced a thought about the “the massive social upheaval” that might follow a ruling in favor of LGBT employees.

    You don’t say? You mean overturning five millennia of civilizations’ recognizing the obvious – that people shouldn’t be forced to give their blessing to sexual perversion – might cause an unpleasant ripple across society?

    The Tuesday cases were the court’s first on hair-trigger LGBT rights since Justice Anthony Kennedy stepped down from the court and the ascension of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The former supported the expansion of homosexual rights. His was the swing vote that legalized homosexual marriage. Kavanaugh was nominated by Donald Trump. Conservatives hope he will base his rulings on the Constitution and not on ever-changing cultural values – but some are nervous about what Kavanaugh’s contribution to the high court will ultimately be.

    The key question is:  Will this Court make an allowance for those Americans who haven’t drunk the LGBTQ Kool-Aid and, thus, still cling to a biblical view of sexuality and gender? Or will it allow discrimination against orthodox Christians to stand and expand into every aspect of society?

    H/T: Associated Press

    Image by David Mark from Pixabay 

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