• Democrats Increasingly Putting Their Extremism on Display for the Electorate

    Surge Summary: Last week’s Democratic primary LGBTQ townhall was an exercise in extremism on display. We ought to be glad it provided voters the service of stripping away the camouflage regarding their motives and agenda.

    For the second time in as many months, the Democrat presidential candidates held a town hall dedicated to LGBTQ issues.  I still remember when the homosexual rights movement insisted it was all just about the right to privacy for two consenting adults.  Clearly, that’s not the case anymore.  Now we’re having town hall events on cable news networks featuring nine-year-old kids.

    Needless to say, the extremism of the Democrat candidates, and the left generally, was on full display last night.  Among other things, we learned it was “violence” to mispronounce a transgendered individual’s name.

    Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren fully supported taxpayer-funding for sex change operations. Biden also insisted that he would make gay rights a top priority in his foreign policy agenda.

    Kamala Harris felt it was important to let the nation know that her pronouns were “she, her, and hers.”  Evidently, they are Chris Cuomo’s preferred pronouns too!

    And Cory Booker promised to do even more to push the gay agenda in the public schools.

    But the clear winner of the night’s “Crazy Award” goes to Beto O’Rourke.

    His campaign is melting down politically, but it has nothing to do with the radical positions he’s taking.  O’Rourke is being abandoned simply because he can’t compete against Biden, Warren and Sanders on the national stage.  But all the other candidates share his views on open borders and gun confiscation.

    I bring this up because that night O’Rourke officially declared war on America’s churches and non-profit ministries.  He said that any religious organization that opposes same-sex marriage will lose its tax exempt status.

    This issue has always been a battering ram to marginalize and attack the church. O’Rourke has done us a favor by stripping away the camouflage.

    We predicted this years ago.  If normal marriage is defined as bigotry, then no traditional faith-based group is safe.

    Justice Samuel Alito raised the specter of religious institutions losing their tax-exemptions during the 2015 case that legalized same-sex marriage.  The Obama Administration attorney replied, “It’s certainly going to be an issue. . .  I don’t deny that.”

    Neither does Beto.  And if asked, I’m sure every other Democrat would agree with him.

    My friends, you see what is at stake next November.

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    Image: Adapted from: Karen Arnold from Pixabay

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