• Donald Trump Prompts a Challenging Question About Other Politicians

     Surge Summary: Donald Trump has accomplished quite bit since his ascendency to the Oval Office under three years ago, sparking the question: What have the other elected officials been doing all this time? 

    by Larry Usoff

    As with most writers, I’m guessing, they find themselves staring at a blank paper, or in my case, a blank screen.  Maybe it’s just dumb luck, but one of my readers asked me if the name Lucille LeSueur meant anything to me, and I replied that it didn’t.  Does it mean anything to you?  Now, be honest and don’t google the name (I had to) because that might spoil the fun.  This lady with the very fancy name was well known for a number of years, under her assumed name, of course.  Americans thought of her as a very desirable, very desperate, and very cruel, woman, depending upon how old you might have been at the time.  She was of a rather mixed heritage and might have used that background as her muse from time to time.  She was a film star of the first magnitude and you knew her as Joan Crawford.

    By this time, if you read my scribblings, you know a lot about me, such as my being an old movie buff, a devotee one might say of classic films.  Then there’s my love for the vintage automobiles, and having been born in 1934, that’s my favorite year for them.  Packard, which is my favorite, had a great-looking car that year, as well as a 12-cylinder engine, which they discontinued in ’23.  Often referred to as the “Rolls-Royce of America,” Packard’s mighty V12s dominated the American automotive industry from 1915 until they were discontinued in 1923.  Some industry experts have said that the depression was the omen that may have doomed Packard, but it was only a part of it.  WW2 had a huge impact on the entire auto industry and the hand-built coaches were fast becoming things of memory.  The cars of today, perhaps technically wonderful, look a lot like each other, no matter the manufacturer.  Maybe, in this instance, coachwork was good, styling was paramount and vintage cars are revered.

    Islam, which I consider to be a dark stain on the body of the world, is a cult filled with contradictions.  A true believer would have to suspend logic, which is what they apparently do, in order to comprehend the Qur’an.  Here’s a couple of examples of that suspension-of-logic: while a Muslim is alive there is no imbibing of alcoholic spirits, but when he arrives in Paradise the wine flows like water and he cannot get drunk!  While he’s alive he despises and murders homosexuals, but EVEN WHILE ALIVE he uses boys for sex, and they are called “bachi boys”.  Part of Bacha bāzī mostly involves using small boys for child pornography, sexual slavery, and prostitution. Thousands of prepubescent and adolescent boys are sold to wealthy and powerful Islamic men for entertainment and sexual abuse.  When he dies, preferably in battle, he goes to Paradise where boys and young women are just waiting for him to give him as much pleasure as he can stand…and since it’s Paradise, he is indefatigable.

    Ok, let’s take a run at politics while we’re dissecting things.  In a humorous vein, politics is described thusly: poly, meaning many, and ticks, meaning blood-suckers.  If that isn’t a really good description of the process, I don’t know what might be, humorous or not.  In the minds of the founding fathers, it was never meant to be a career, and somehow it has become just that.  Some people, in the employ of the Federal government in some manner, have never held any other job…ever!  To them, the government is a trough, from which they will never have to lift their heads, as they continue to suck.  Why do we, as Americans, as rational people, allow this sort of flim-flamming to go on?

    In the private sector, the majority of the people working in government would have been fired long ago, but in our Civil Service there seems to be some sort of iron-clad employment clause.  It would take, apparently, being caught with a young person, doesn’t make any difference which sex, in a compromising position, to be able to discharge that person…but maybe that’s just an assumption on my part.

    What the current President is doing, obviously, is what his predecessors didn’t, couldn’t, or didn’t WANT to do.  His attitude seems to be to do what he promised during his campaign and, so far, he’s doing just that.  My question then, is this: if he can do this much, were the others just killing time in the office?  Trump is, seemingly, inexhaustible, and for a man in his seventies, that is really something!

    The Democrat party, or as I refer to them…the lefty loonies, have been presenting irrational ideas to the public and, unfortunately, some of that public is swallowing it, hook, line, and sinker.  I blame that gullibility on the fact that a LOT of young people have NO idea of how our country works, so they will go for whatever sounds good to them.

    Parting shot: Whoever or whatever is your enemy, you must get to know them inside and out.  It’s just not enough that you know OF them, you have to understand why they think the way they do, and that might give you a leg up on what their next move might be.  Make no mistake, America, we are on what may be the eve of our own destruction, and we’re helping.

    Image: https://www.flickr.com/photos/gageskidmore/25093273194/in/photolist-DMtwds-D1v26r-DXTRpZ-DXU2Rk-DppHn8-DVz93u-DXU4kx-DXUcpi-DVzjQ1-DppMeX-DXTWaa-Fv9cDq-D1oHnJ-DPDRoi-CCUcRT-C5p7ar-CbMcEL-CvBc7D-CAAJ6Q-CvBang-CnHwq-GFNJAs-BD3rgM-DPDLot-FGrg5Z-xGitau-qu7Gu-x944rC-EeKjre-F9P9Eh-F1qsTw-EeptG9-F9Poxh-EJxJYs-F3HPna-EJxoFy-F3HbB6-F9Px45-F3HfHx-EepzTh-Fc7TZ6-Fc7WZ4-F1qeJq-rnyrzy-kNDT2n-kNFvE9-kNEv1p-kNDJ1g-uooUsi-EJdjW7

    Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired. Articulate. Opinionated. Patriotic. Conservative. Cultured enough so that I can be taken almost anywhere. Makes no excuses for what I say or do, but takes responsibility for them. Duty. Honor. Country. E-mail me at: amafrog@att.net

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