• Google ‘Whistleblower’ Blows the Lid Off Company’s Ambitious Plan to Affect 2020’s Election

    Surge Summary: A former Google employee charges – and brings evidence – that Google has manipulated past elections, is at work doing so in this current contest and has plans to do so again.

    A former Google employee – who had remained anonymous until recently – claims the search engine giant has a plan to take over the world … and he’s not talking euphemistically.

    No, this is not a plot point in a James Bond film …

    In a declaration that’s positively bone-chilling, Steve Jordahl over at onenewsnow.com passes along:

    Whistleblowers seem to be popping up all over these days, and in many cases the claims they are making are suspect. But when Zack Vorhies left Google, he brought thousands of internal documents with him to bolster his claims – and during a radio interview on Friday morning, he stated that among other misdeeds, Google is determined to keep President Donald Trump from getting re-elected in 2020.

    “The CEO made a statement that they were going to use artificial intelligence in order to combat the fake news that helped Donald Trump get elected,” he told American Family Radio talk-show host Sandy Rios. (Listen to the entire podcast)

    “I discovered that there was a PowerPoint presentation talking about what ‘fake news’ was – [and] the examples they were using of what ‘fake news’ was were actually real events that took place.”

    Recall, researcher Robert Epstein  testified before Congress that, by providing more pro-Hillary search results, the multinational technology company may have steered more than 10 million votes from Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton in 2016’s election. Vorhies claims it happened again during the last Democratic presidential debate after Hawaii’s Tulsi Gabbard had a standout performance.

    “So [people] started searching for Tulsi Gabbard – and Tulsi Gabbard’s ad account, which she uses to capture those people searching for her name and to stay at the top of the Google search results, her ad account went down,” he described.

    The practical fall out of that would have been that for a vital six hours, interested parties had only limited access to information about her. The Hawaiian congresswoman is currently suing Google for $50 million.

    “Not only has Google demonstrated election meddling in the past, it’s demonstrating election meddling right now,” Vorhies added. “And it doesn’t matter if your Left, it doesn’t matter if you’re Right – Google is going to do it for anyone who challenges the establishment narrative.”

    H/T: Steve Jordahl/onenewsnow.com/

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