• Depressed, Suicidal over … Politics? Time for a Major Re-Evaluation of Things

    Surge Summary: A new study reveals lots of people — especially Liberals — are stressed out, some even suicidal, over political matters. Clearly, that’s no way to live — and nobody should tolerate doing so. 

    The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has released a new study showing that politics – no surprise — are becoming a source of severe stress for many. Something that might cause a few of us to arch an eyebrow, however? That stress can reach even to the point of suicidal thoughts for an increasing number of Americans, especially those who’d be classified as young liberals.

    The study itself was conducted among 800 adults, March 15th through March 20th, 2017. The actual study results were not released until September 25 of this year. Still, there’s little reason to assume these findings have at all diminished.

    Overall, 38% of adults said that politics was “stressing them out,” while 20% of them reported having lost sleep over politics, and another 11.5% reporting other adverse health effects.

    The effects, however, were not spread out evenly among the American population. Kevin Smith, the author of the study, noted that, “younger people and males are more likely than older people and females to suffer the negative costs of politics.” [Leon Wolf/The Blaze]

    Not meaning to pile on, honestly, but perhaps the epithet “snowflake” hasn’t been appended to progressives – especially the millennial part of it — for nothing?

    Further, the study noted that, “those on the political right report fewer negative impacts than those on the political left. Democrats, self-identified liberals, those who are socially and economically liberal, and people who disapprove of President Donald Trump are, across the board, more likely to report negative health impacts from politics.”

    In terms of the specific negative impacts, Smith noted in a University press release that, “Twenty percent have damaged friendships because of political disagreements. One in five report fatigue. And it’s a small (proportion), but 4% of the people in our sample said they’ve had suicidal thoughts because of politics. That translates into 10 million adults.”

    The suicide specific is troubling and sobering, and it needs to be taken as such. That said: Suicide over politics? That response is flatly absurd. Stop, please – and if anyone is in that desperate place, it’s time for an exhaustive re-evaluation, a re-ordering of priorities. It’s a call for some people to pour their lives into more than just the latest electoral contest or fashionable policy issue.

    Smith reveals he was inspired to sponsor the study in 2016, when it became apparent to him: “this was a polarized nation,” but he couldn’t find any studies that examined the specific psychological effects of that condition.

    He noted a number of factors along with characteristics such as age, sex, and political ideology likely to increase the chances of suffering adverse health effects from politics. Among those elements were:

    1) having an overall dogmatic attitude, 2) frequently being involved in and discussing politics with friends and acquaintances, and 3) having a harsher view of one’s political opponents.

    Counter-intuitively, the study found political knowledge

    “is one of the few variables showing an inconsistent relationship (direction and significance) with the political-related health measures.”

    The take-away from this information is, here’s hoping, that everyone – the neurotic Lefty in despair over Trump or those on the other side who’ll die for the man – life ought to be – must be – about more than political concerns. Of course, politics – and all they effect – are vitally important and ought not be neglected. They’re not, however, exclusively important. Making them the sole focus, end-all-be-all of one’s existence? Again:  Please. Stop.

    In his Politics, Aristotle defined humankind as a “political animal”. Point of fact we were created to be a whole lot more than that; not just physical, mental, social, but spiritual as well. Designed in God’s image, men and women were made to enter into a relationship with Him, to serve Him in every part of life – including but not narrowed down to the political realm. Healthy relationships with other people are supposed to be another major focus; perhaps in some instances, in spite of political differences between you and whomever.

    A heart-centered relationship with God through Jesus His Son is, of course, supposed to undergird all of it.

    One thing is axiomatic: If one is “sick with stress”, even suicidal, over who is in the White House, or who holds the big gavel in the House of Representatives? Time for a major personal re-inventory followed by a straightening out of whatever it is that is out of whack.

    H/T: Leon Wolf/The Blaze

    Image: Creative Commons; CC by-SA 2.0; adapted from: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jar0d/4649749639/

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