• Isn’t that Lovely … Pro-Abort Mob Praises Satan and Curses Pro-Lifers

    Surge Summary: A particularly aggressive pro-abortion mob shows its true colors: confronting a pro-life group on a university campus – assaulting them, obscenely haranguing them and challenging their free-speech rights. 

    People whose driving passion is to make it as easy as possible to kill babies praising Satan in public? Say what you will, there’s actually a horrid kind of consistency to it …

    The Blaze’s Dave Urbanski relays the awfulness

    Last month, when pro-life group TFP Student Action set up a small demonstration with brochures and bagpipes at Washington, DC’s George Washington University, it didn’t seem like a whole lot of trouble was on the horizon.

    But that situation didn’t last once the abortion crusaders started showing up.

    One flustered woman kicked things off, arguing at one point with a pro-lifer that “it’s still a baby inside, but I have every single right to f***ing decide what I do with my own f***ing body!”

    Apparently forgetting those who want to save unborn children have the same free speech rights as those who slaver for their deaths, several others demanded that TFP Student Action take a hike, actually claiming they had no right be on campus.

    TFP reported pro-abortion advocates promptly took to social media to organize their bloody-minded allies. The pro-aborts responded, gathering, confronting and quickly outnumbering TFP Student Action.

    “Hail Satan!” one counter-demonstrator yelled, the pro-life group said.

    A male student offered that “I eat baby lungs for breakfast!” TFP Student Action added.

    Perhaps the most disturbing moment took place when an angry woman spit on a pro-lifer:

    One TFP volunteer said he was kicked in the back of the leg, while another said students repeatedly hit his arm cast.

    At one point, the crowd converged around TFP Student Action, dancing and singing and flipping off the pro-life group.

    Washington, D.C. police showed up to quell the mob, forming a barrier between the two groups. But TFP says it actually didn’t help much.

    “[T]he mob showed neither respect for the police officers nor obeyed their orders,” TFP Student Action Director John Ritchie said. “They just continued screaming: ‘My body, my choice.'”

    Eventually, police officers had to escort the pro-life group to their vehicles and, sensing victory, the counter-demonstrators followed, shrieking jubilantly and, in one case, twerking for the occasion.

    Things didn’t end there.

    “One of them put a pro-abortion sign on our windshield, and others started spitting on the windows of our van,” Ritchie said.

    (There sure was an awful lot of expectorating coming out of that baby-murdering bunch. They must take extra steps to stay hydrated.)

    Ritchie continued,

    “If they don’t respect the most innocent lives of the unborn, do you really think you can trust pro-abortion activists to respect anyone?”

    The TFP Student Action leader added that pro-abortion mob “refused to acknowledge that every innocent human person — born or pre-born — has the right to life. Our culture has strayed so far from God and reason that what used to be self-evident is not so clear anymore, especially on left-wing college campuses where procured abortion is considered to be more than a right — it’s been granted the status of a secular virtue.”

    Some abortion enthusiasts get particularly bugged when men speak out against the practice, and TFP’s team at the George Washington University demonstration was all-male. Yes, among some deep-thinkers, if you have XY chromosomes you aren’t allowed to have an opinion on this incendiary issue other than “Hey, lady, do what you want!”

    The College Fix asked Ritchie about this.

    “Although we promote activities for the whole family, our core team of volunteers is for men,” he told the Fix. “We strive to live the virtues and spirit of Catholic chivalry. … Since the deliberate killing of the unborn is both unjust and morally evil, we must stand up and speak out. Real men will always defend the right to life of the unborn.

    Anti-free speech, anti-male, anti-baby, pro-Lucifer? What a lovely bunch this pro-abort lobby is!

    H/T: The Blaze/Dave Urbanski

    Image: Screen shot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EosJDaja70

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