• Left Needs to Clarify Its Rules: Is the Phrase “Mental Illness” Acceptable or Not?

    Surge Summary: Last week, conservative Michael Knowles was condemned for using the term “mentally ill” to describe teen-age climate-activist Greta Thunberg. Days later, Psychology Today used nearly identical language about her. So, where’s the widespread outrage over that?

    Another reminder, these days it’s always good to check and double-check anytime an attack is launched against conservatives from what would be considered mainstream media. Their accusations against “the Right” might be spot-on, unexceptionally deserved. But maybe not – and never automatically count on it …

    Dave Urbanski/The Blaze provides information that confirms why that’s the case:

    Psychology Today — the well-known magazine featuring articles by “renowned psychologists, academics, psychiatrists and writers” — posted a piece Wednesday titled, “Stop Infantilizing Greta Thunberg With Claims of ‘Abuse.’

    In the third paragraph of the article, Thunberg was described as having been diagnosed with “several mental illnesses”:

    But by the next day? How odd! The words “mental illnesses” were inexplicably gone from the same spot in the piece:

    Again, the words “mental illness”? Vamoosed! No explanation, editor’s note, nor even an indication any kind of update had taken place.

    Thursday, TheBlaze noticed the absence — and messaged a Psychology Today editor requesting an explanation: Why had the reference to “mental illnesses” disappeared from the Thunberg piece. No immediate response from the editor.

    Of course, there is a plausible, if somewhat embarrassing accounting for the magazine’s bowdlerization:

    One could understand why Psychology Today characterizing Thunberg as having been diagnosed with “several mental illnesses” might be problematic given the piece later rips Michael Knowles of The Daily Wire for calling Thunberg a “mentally ill Swedish child” during his recent Fox News appearance.

    It would seem difficult for the renowned mag to justify running an article saying the teen has been diagnosed with “mental illnesses” when the same piece criticizes Knowles for using the words “mentally ill.”

    (Fox News denounced his statement – “disgraceful” — and has reportedly ended their connection with him over the putative solecism.)

    This is only Urbanski’s speculation; a reasonable one, mind you, but to be clear. The definitive answer for the deletion? Anybody’s guess.

    Then there’s this: a New York Times profile of the young climate-activist revealed in “early adolescence she battled severe depression, so much so that she stopped eating for a while and stopped growing.”

    Moreover, in an April Facebook post, Thunberg celebrated Autism Awareness Day, announcing she’s “proud to be on the spectrum!”; and acknowledging her “fair share of depressions, alienation, anxiety and disorders.”

    Amid all this, Psychology Today ran a July piece on “neurodiversity,” in which it notes the rise of the “neurodiversity paradigm” and makes the case for using the term in some instances rather than saying someone is mentally ill or has a mental disorder.

    Factoring in all the above, would it really, really be all that out of bounds grouping Ms. Thunberg’s conditions—short-handing them, if you will, as Knowles did during his Fox News interview — under the category “mental illness”? A mere two-and-one-half months ago a major magazine was suggesting the eschewing of a phrase like “mentally ill” when alluding to Asperger’s – hardly a linguistic crusade.  So unsettled a matter, apparently, that the same periodical used a variation on the words last week.

    That aside, when Michael Knowles mentioned Greta Thunberg is “mentally Ill” a week ago Monday he was roundly taken to the career woodshed over it by the oh-so-delicate Left. Two days later, Psychology Today used nearly the exact same two words when profiling the teen – that is, until they scrubbed them by next day.

    Where are the cries from Progressives for a boycott of the magazine? Indignant demands for a formal apology from the article’s author or the publication’s editors?

    I know, I know – hypocrisy, double-standard, yada-yada.

    But I had to ask.

    H/T: Dave Urbanski/The Blaze

    Image: Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay 

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