• More Freebies! Paid Family Leave! Six Months Worth! Courtesy of a President Harris!

    Surge Summary:  Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris is proposing six months of tax-payer funded paid family leave, complete with a new federal office to administrate it. Where do the Democrats’ spending plans end?

    Campaigning in Iowa, California Democrat and presidential candidate Kamala Harris detailed her plan to provide workers up to six months of taxpayer-funded paid family and medical leave. Six months? Nice. Twice the length of time provided by another bill currently being considered in Congress.

    You see? D.C. giveaways are never enough for those whose careers thrive only by pandering to the gimme contingent.

    Americans who earn less than $75,000 annually would receive their full wages during their paid leave, while those who earn more would receive incrementally less compensation. Employees would be able to take leave for personal or family medical issues, including to care for domestic partners, parents-in-law, and “chosen family.” [Mairead McArdle/National Review]

    Wow. The mind boggles. Sounds close to carte blanche to me.

    And all of this courtesy of government coercion on those who are earning and paying taxes (or who will be doing so one day, paying off the mountainous debt currently being piled up in pursuit of bottomless government-supplied benefits.) The good news is, apparently, it’s not employers who will be solely on the hook for all the largess (see below); bad news: it’s others who pay taxes who will be.

    Prerequisites for claiming the benefits include “personal serious health conditions, caring for new children or family members with serious health conditions, or addressing medical or non-medical needs,” such as those arising from domestic violence or sexual assault, Harris’ plan states.

    Considering doctors always find a way to authorize late term abortions under the “health” exceptions rubric (depression, anxiety, loss of self-esteem, etc.), is there any doubt this will become a catch-all loophole for those who want a few months paid vacation off from work?

    The fraud and abuse in every other tax-payer provided service is head-spinning. Why wouldn’t we expect more of the same in this Harris-proposed newbie?

    Oh, and lest we are unclear: self-employed workers, part-time employees, and independent contractors would all be eligible for this new benefit. Those who are not working in any way at all are already pretty much taken care of one way or another, so again, effectively every one with a pulse – except, maybe, the uber-affluent, will be eligible for Harris’ latest vote-getting brainstorm.

    Not that she’s finished with additional ideas for spending other people’s money: Sen. Harris pledged to put the squeeze on her colleagues to pass the Child Care for Working Families Act. Government-funded child care assistance for middle- and lower-class families.

    The family leave program would be managed by a new Office of Paid Family and Medical Leave, (OPFML? Really rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?)  which would be paid for by a “combination of employer and employee payroll contributions and government expenditures paid for by tax increases on the top one percent and big corporations.”

    So a new entitlement program and yet another government department? Pinch me so I know I’m not dreaming.

    I’m afraid to ask the good Senator what else she has tucked away in her Oval Office wish-list – because I’m sure there’s lots of other progressive-sounding but expensive stuff lurking there.

    H/T: Mairead McArdle/National Review]

    Image: Adapted from: Office of Senator Kamala Harris – https://www.harris.senate.gov/news/photos/7-3-15-health-care-rally, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=65268908

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